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Cheers to Kelvin

A UK based company famed for creating successful, innovative life saving gadgets for babies and the elderly are now coming to the rescue of wine drinkers everywhere.

Target Holdings has invented a new wireless, wine thermometer which they hope will revolutionise the way wine is enjoyed by millions worldwide.

The award-winning Kelvin Duo has been invented in Northamptonshire and is being sold in the UK and globally.

Inventor Steve Parker and Simon Parslow are the business brains behind the new gadget, the latest creation of these temperature specialists who decided to turn their attentions to designing the Kelvin over a glass of wine - what else?

With wine recognised as the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world and over 31 billion bottles being drank every year, three out of four consumers are drinking their wine at the wrong temperature.

Having forged a career making thermometers, including life saving gadgets for nurseries and the Tom thermometer for safeguarding the elderly, Steve decided to apply his expertise to help transform the way the world enjoys its wine.

Steve and Simon are making it their mission to dispel common wine misconceptions such as red wine should be served at room temperature and white should be served straight from the fridge.

At the top of their menu was to make a thermometer which would accurately read the temperature of a bottle of wine when it is inside the fridge and the idea of the Kelvin Duo, which includes a wireless transmission between bottle clip and receiver base, was uncorked.

Steve poured all his specialist knowledge into the creation of the Kelvin Duo, the innovation for which took place in the UK with the product being designed in Northamptonshire. He took the homegrown Kelvin Duo to Las Vegas, to the International Consumer Electronics Show. It wowed critics and won an award.

Steve said, "The Kelvin Duo won a CES best product award the first day we were at this world renowned show, we were absolutely delighted. "However I wasn't totally surprised because as soon as someone sees a Kelvin Duo and understands how key the right temperature is when it comes to serving wine, they realise how simple yet effective it is."

The seemingly small Target team is thinking big. With a global distribution network already in place they are aiming to change how the world's wine drinkers enjoy their top tipples and their aim is to have a Kelvin Duo in a million homes world-wide within the year.

Simon added, "The concept is simple, you wouldn't dream of eating cold chips or stewed tea so why drink wine at the wrong temperature?

"Temperature affects the taste and improves it 100 per cent, our gadget makes that process simple and easy for everyone to use.

"Kelvin is different as it monitors wine temperature accurately when it's in the fridge - no other wine thermometer in the world does this and this is where the Kelvin differs. You can tell what temperature the wine is in the fridge by using the gadget on the outside of the fridge."

Kelvin creator Steve added, "Wine thermometers have been around for some time however Kelvin is the only patented wireless wine thermometer on the market with a colour changing display and built in wine categories complete with recommended serving temperatures.

"It's taken us over a year to develop and is the only product with an insulated construction and super thermal transfer pad to accurately measure the temperature from inside a fridge.

"With a staggering 75 per cent of us not drinking wine served at the right temperature we want to enlighten fellow wine lovers and help enhance their experience when drinking their favourite wines. Your wine will taste twice as good with a Kelvin, we vow to make that £10 bottle of wine taste like a £20 bottle!"

The Kelvin Duo wireless wine thermometer costs £39.99 and is available at

For more information contact Amanda O'Hare at Rocket Creative on +44 (0)1604 250 900