70 per cent of kids like '90s toys better than what’s on offer today

Just over 70% of children aged 4 to 12 picked 80s and 90s toys when asked to choose their ideal Christmas gift out of a collection of both old and current Argos catalogues

70 per cent of kids like '90s toys better than what’s on offer today: Image 1 Online marketplace www.OnBuy.com have surveyed 1,763 children aged four to 12 in order to see how '80s and '90s toys would fare when compared to today's offerings. Children were asked to choose their ideal Christmas presents out of a list of current toys and stars of old such as Grandstand's iconic Astro Wars or the A.L.F. Dolls.

Kids needed to pick three toys out of a total 40, with an even split between current toys and older ones. Overall, old-school toys made up just over 70% of the final pool of picked toys who would've thought!

Below are some of the stars of the survey:

From the 1986 Autumn/Winter catalogue come the now discontinued Snugglebums which a staggering 80% of four to six-year-old kids would bring back to stores. 42% of boys aged six to 12 said they would be happy with a Grandstand tabletop mini arcade game from the 1985 Argos catalogue.

The 1988 Argos Catalogue contained some real gems as far as kids today are concerned. Coleco's A.L.F. (Alien Life Form) dolls were picked by 23% of children a higher percentage than any of the current plush toys on offer.

Two other favourites were the Sylvanian Families doll houses (picked by 53% of kids) and the Fashion Star Fillies (selected by 37%).

Tootsy Town toys from the 1989 Autumn/Winter Argos Catalogue were a huge hit with four to six-year-old girls, being picked by 57% of kids in this category.

The fact that 1984 Return of the Jedi Star Wars toys would still be hugely popular with boys today won't come as much of a surprise to anyone. Over 65% of boys aged six to 12 said the Star Wars figurines would make a perfect Christmas gift.

These Werebears which were featured in the 1990 Autumn/Winter Argos catalogue go from loveable carebear to frightening but still cute werebear. They would sell like hotcakes today; 53% of boys and girls aged four to 12 said these shapeshifting bears would be their ideal Christmas present.

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