Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - March/April 2024

22 VERENA MUELLER ILLUSTRATION Verena Mueller Illustration has a new mindfulness card deck in the works for 2024. Launched at the end of February, this deck of grounding cards with simple prompts and affirmations, is a helpful tool to bring you back to the present moment and cultivate a sense of calm. Each deck comes as a pack of 25 cards, with 16 prompt cards, 8 affirmation cards, and 1 explanation card. Centred Self comes in a portable and pretty box which protects the cards inside while providing a stunning shop display. All cards are printed locally on recycled card and are finished with a matte lamination, making them durable and long-lasting. They make a perfect gift for anyone who is interested in mindfulness and self-care. ESTERBROOK The Esterbrook Estie is a tribute to the Esterbrook brand and its storied history. Short for Esterbrook, the Estie evokes a feeling of 1930s nostalgia; a time when fountain pens were an integral part of life and communication. Esterbrook brings you a departure from their usual vibrant Estie colourways. Imagine the ancient allure of ravens, creatures of myth and magic, whose dark feathers have long been associated with mystery and wisdom. It is against this backdrop that Esterbrook has created the Estie Raven—a pen that captures the essence of these intelligent and curious birds. Ancient legends and tales depict the raven in many different ways, and these stories have inspired the creation of the Estie Raven. This mythologically inspired pen has a matte black body complete with a matching black nib and trim. With the Estie Raven, Esterbrook have created a pen that has the subtle, mysterious charm of the raven and oozes sophistication. The Estie Raven is available as a regular-sized fountain pen with EF, F, M , B and Stub nibs, as well as a rollerball and a ballpoint pen. In addition to the standard fountain pen, the Estie Raven is also available as a piston filler. This button piston mechanism is one of Esterbrook’s new and exciting additions, and it allows you to ink your pen easily and cleanly! To go with the pen, Esterbrook partnered with the German artist Anne Nossack to create a special blotting paper printed with raven illustrations. The blotting paper sits perfectly next to the Estie Raven and is as practical as it is pretty! Introducing the Esterbrook Model J - a timeless masterpiece that gracefully blends vintage charm with modern ingenuity. Crafted with exquisite ebonite from Germany, this pen showcases a seamless fusion of tradition and innovation. Its iconic design, inspired by the beloved 1950’s vintage J model, pays homage to Esterbrook’s rich heritage. The Model J comes in two colours - Antique Rose and Lotus Green. The origin of ebonite goes back to the early 20th century, when ebonite was used as an artificial substitute for ebony wood due to its expressive marbling and highly polishable finish. Ebonite is a naturally-derived plastic which is made by vulcanizing rubber with sulphur. Therefore, ebonite is a unique material which requires a little extra care and attention. The Model J is equipped with a Jowo size 6 gold plated nib which is available in various sizes, including custom nib options. The Model J pen promises an exceptional writing performance. Delight in the subtle yet distinctive barrel engraving, adorned with the R. Esterbrook signature logo, and comfortable grip section for extended writing comfort. Presented in premium packaging, complete with a vintage-inspired sleeve adorned with Esterbrook factory imagery, the Esterbrook Model J is a timeless treasure waiting to grace your collection. STOCKWELL CERAMICS Stockwell Ceramics is pleased to announce the arrival of its new black Labrador brooch, which has just joined the many coloured pack of old favourites. This is proving to be a huge success among their large following of devoted dog lovers with its subtle application of a beautiful heritage William Morris design. Take a look at the extensive range of animal and Heritage brooches on their website. LADELLE Bring some rustic sophistication to your serveware collection with the Tuscany Slate Serveware Range. With its signature flaked edge, and hand-crafted composition, this serveware range is perfect for serving anything from cheese and charcuterie to main dishes. Featuring unique lasered designs as well as eyecatching packaging, Tuscany is perfect for gift giving.