Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - March/April 2024

21 BRAND SPANKING NEW Brand spanking new Check out some new and exciting products in the current market PERSONALISED MEMENTO COMPANY E: Enjoy your drinks on the go in style, with a personalised travel cup from Personalised Memento Company. With a variety of designs to choose from they’re perfect to fill up from your favourite coffee shop or brew up at home and take with you on your morning commute. A great gift idea for yourself or a loved one, these generously sized travel mugs feature high quality hard plastic screw-on lid to prevent spills; what’s more they are double walled to keep your favourite beverage hotter for longer! Each one is personalised with a name or a message and available as part of their huge range of giftware covering all occasions. Head over to the website to register for free. REX LONDON Three brand new tea caddies join Rex London’s shelves where tradition meets contemporary elegance. Their timeless design is inspired by vintage brand tea packing and the metalwork makes them durable and functional. They also include an internal sealing lid to keep the contents fresh and dry. So, no matter if your customers are fans of loose leaf tea or tea bags, they can rest assured that Rex London’s tea caddies will provide the perfect home for their favourite tea blends. The best part? The tea caddies complement the style of other home and kitchen accessories from Rex London’s Retro Pantry collection, including their bestselling storage tins, and together they can create a beautiful open-shelving display, bringing nostalgia to life with a modern twist. ANCIENT WISDOM Wholesale Aromatherapy Sets: This set features a Bath Bomb, Himalayan Bath Salt, and charming Flower Petals, neatly packaged in an ecofriendly cardboard tube. The complete bath-time experience. • Essential Oil Bath Bomb (approx. 140g): Infuse bath time with enchanting scents and vibrant colours, creating a spa-like experience that relaxes and moisturises the skin. • Himalayan Bath Salt (approx. 50g): Offer your customers a touch of luxury with mineral-packed Himalayan Bath Salt, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. • Flower Petals (approx. 5g): Enrich the bath experience with carefully chosen dried flowers, adding natural beauty and a delightful aroma. • Retailer-Friendly Packaging: The eco-friendly cardboard tube preserves freshness, making it an attractive addition to in-store displays for an eye-catching retail experience. Boost your retail collection with these Aromatherapy Sets – a perfect blend of quality, aesthetics, and eco-conscious packaging. Ideal for both gifting and personal indulgence, this set promises a sensory journey for your customers. ARTIFICIAL INK Elevate any birthday celebration with the ‘Cat Grumpy Birthday Greeting Card’ from the New Products Collection, a charming blend of humour and artistry. This unique card features a photorealistic depiction of a grumpy ginger Persian cat, adorned with a golden birthday hat, sitting regally in front of a birthday cake. Its comical expression of birthday disdain, combined with the luxurious elegance of the Persian breed, makes for a hilariously heartwarming greeting. Perfect for cat lovers, those with a sense of humour, or anyone who appreciates a touch of whimsy, this card is a standout choice for retail, offering a memorable and humorous way to send birthday wishes.