Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - March/April 2024

23 BRAND SPANKING NEW ST EVAL St. Eval has announced its first collection for 2024, Garden Path. Crafted to capture the enchanting aromas of the outdoors and celebrate the incredible scents of nature, this collection encapsulates three evocative fragrances: delicately sunkissed wildflowers, zesty fresh citrus fruits and budding cottage garden blooms with Walled Garden, Orange Blossom and Sweet Pea. A testament to St. Eval’s commitment to craftsmanship, each Garden Path is adorned in soft pastel shades which echo the joyous hues of summer and are distinctively unique thanks to their reactive glazes. Lovingly created in a familyrun factory in Portugal, these posts are a true embodiment of handcrafted quality. For over 28 years, St. Eval has been dedicated to sustainably crafting candles and home fragrances, placing people and planet at heart. Drawing inspiration from the natural world and their beautiful surroundings of coast and countryside in Cornwall, as a certified B Corp St. Eval pioneers its passion to curate an atmosphere of wellbeing whilst treading softly on the earth. SHARED EARTH Sustainability is the key trend for this year – and probably years to come – and Shared Earth, the pioneer of sustainable gifts in the UK, has a huge selection. One thing it’s doing is to reduce the cotton it sells, a very ‘bad boy’ in environmental terms. It uses enormous amounts of water to grow, as well as land, not what’s needed in countries like India. Shared Earth’s bamboo socks and jute bags are two great alternatives, and this year, it’s adding recycled cotton socks and recycled cotton tote bags. Both look like being immediate hits if customers’ first reactions are anything to go by. And they’re Fair Trade too… DUNOON CERAMICS Dunoon has added three new designs to its informative collection on the Glencoe mug shape, these are ‘World of Yoga’, ‘World of Skiing’ and ‘World of Birds’. All three designs provide interesting information and are designed and beautifully illustrated by Caroline Dadd. Made in Fine Bone China and handcrafted in Staffordshire. Dunoon is a well-established UK manufacturer of high quality Fine Bone China mugs, teapots, cups and saucers and was formed originally in Scotland in1974 and now in it’s 50th year of manufacturing. EXACLAIR Décopatch is a simple papercraft to learn and enjoy… tear or cut the paper into small pieces, glue to the object being decorated and repeat until covered. Offering great creative fun for kids and adults alike, three new mini kits featuring a lion, mermaid and superhero are being added to this popular range, making a great introduction to the world of Décopatch! Each kit contains one ready to decorate papier mâché shape, two sheets of Décopatch paper, one glue pot and a brush. For retailers seeking to expand their in-store merchandising, a comprehensive package of demonstration solutions and workshop events are available.