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Eco-friendly - recycled & recyclable Fairtrade & handmade by Indian craftsmen NEW FOR 2024 The current trend in the market is seeing an increase in products featuring both luxurious neutral tones and vibrant bubblegum colours, reflecting the trend for ecofriendly and sustainable choices whilst embracing a sense of vibrancy. Tilnar Art is excited to again be at the forefront and be launching a fresh new Brushed Green Collection to its existing Azeti range of recycled gifts in 2024, along with stunning new Purple and White Poppies, Highland Stags, Funky Mini Heart Bowls and Hearts and our quirky new Poppy Bowls in a vast array of wonderful colours! TRADE SHOWS 2024 Harrogate Home & Gift - Harrogate – 21-24 July 2024 – Hall/Marquee DP4 Stand DP4-76 Autumn Fair - NEC – 1-4 September 2024 – Hall 6 Stand J30 GLEE - NEC – 10-12 September 2024 - Hall 9 Stand D04

4 In this issue REGULARS 8 Industry news All the latest from the world of gifts 13 On with the show Trade fair dates and show news 16 Brand spanking new Latest launches and new products 21 Bookstand The latest releases in gift books FEATURES 24 Go green Check out the array of companies that aim to undertake better business practices for the good of the planet 29 Heart of the home Kitchenware and homeware to stock 35 Table service Our round-up of the best tableware and glassware 39 Rub-a-dub-scrub Promote the art of self-care with these bath and body items 43 Dummy run A perennial bestseller, baby gifts stand the test of time 24 May/June 2024 45 21 29 39

5 CONTENTS SHOWS 62 Creativeworld Celebrating Business Together was the motto of this year’s mega trade fair for the global consumer goods industry, consisting of Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld. Here’s what went on at the show! 67 Exclusively Housewares Head to the Exclusively show at the Business Design Centre to see a plethora of giftware items in tableware, kitchenware, and electricals 68 PG Live The countdown to Progressive Greetings Live 2024 is on. Find out what’s to come in our exclusive show preview FOCUS ON 54 Sienna Glass Hannah Walker from Sienna Glass tells Gift Focus Editor Louise Prance about artisan crafted products and the company’s expansion into home ornaments, tableware, and aromatherapy products 57 Ziggle Baby Nicole Graham founded Ziggle Baby when she discovered that zip fastenings worked better for her baby than poppers. The business is now award-winning and offers products at various price points to cater to all parents 73 Lark London Louise Prance talks to Lark London Founder Priya Aurora-Crowe about the shop’s rapid expansion and curated giftware offering 57 BUSINESS ADVICE 47 FSB FSB Policy Chair Tina McKenzie shares how artificial intelligence is best utilised as an aid to human intelligence, not a replacement 48 ACID 75 Marking 25 years of ACID, CEO Dids Macdonald, looks at brand protection in the first of this three-part series 50 Female Focus Caroline Gleeson, CEO of Occupop, a provider of industry-leading recruitment software, looks at how businesses can help women feel more supported and engaged at work 73 54 60 62 16

Celebrating 30 years of design and manufacture in the UK gift trade Heartfelt pewter tokens & keepsakes to capture life’s magic moments & timeless jewellery all lovingly made at our Hertfordshire studio 01462 670250 email

7 EDITOR’S LETTER On the cover Ancient Wisdom is a gift wholesaler that designs and imports handcrafted gifts directly from India, Indonesia, Nepal, Europe and China. It distributes aromatherapy, home fragrance and bathroom products from its UK factory in Sheffield. Authentic marketing While March saw the onslaught of corporate campaigning around International Women’s Day, June is Pride month in the UK, and needless to say the same marketing wheels will be put in motion to capitalise on yet another very important advocacy day. But has the meaning of these events been lost as they become yet a money maker on the retail calendar? I delve into this subject further in my blog on page 34 of Attire Accessories, where I also delve into how you can be a genuine and authentic ally. Of course, it’s not just the special days that get the tills ringing. There are perennial bestselling giftware items that any savvy retailer has in their arsenal. Baby gifts top the lot when it comes to an industry sector that will always yield results – even a global pandemic can’t halt the onslaught of new births! – while eco-friendly offerings continue to please the ever growing environmentally aware consumer. We cover the best products in these categories on page 43 and 24 respectively. If these don’t fit the angle of your store, there’s also kitchenware, bath & body, tabletop and new products. This issue we also shine the spotlight on the amazing industry events PG Live, Exclusively Housewares, and Home & Gift. Don’t forget to head to the back of the magazine where our sister title Attire Accessories has an array of jewellery inspiration. Enjoy the issue, Louise Prance Editor Louise DESIGN +44 (0)1376 535 616 ACCOUNTS +44 (0)1376 535 616 MANAGING DIRECTOR Sarah Ellis +44 (0)1376 535 602 Gift Focus and Attire Accessories are solely owned, published and designed by Ellis Media and Events Ltd. Whilst every effort was made to ensure the information in this magazine was correct at the time of going to press, the publishers cannot accept legal responsibility for any errors or omissions, nor can they accept responsibility of the standing of advertisers nor by the editorial contributions. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher. Gift Focus is published six times a year. ISSN 1758-0897 @giftfocus @giftfocusmag @gift_focus Gift Focus magazine is proud to be associated with and supporters of: ADVERTISING Account Manager Lauren Redford-Hughes +44(0)1376 535 609 lauren.redford-hughes EDITORIAL Editor Louise Prance +44 (0)1376 514 000 29 45 Louise Prance, Editor 24

Industry news A start-up business based in Wales is the first company to use the OPRL ‘Recycle’ label for seaweed-based packaging. PlantSea’s packaging comes in a range of weights and can be used to replace paper and card to make stationery, boxes and bags. Manufactured from seaweed-derived fibres blended with recycled and virgin paper fibres, it’s been tested under the CEPI v2 protocol and shown to be suitable for recycling through a standard paper mill. Alice Harlock, Director of Technical and Member Services at OPRL, said: “It’s always exciting to see innovation and the successful application of novel materials in packaging. As businesses look to adapt or replace current packaging types to meet sustainability goals or legislation, OPRL is keen to support them with labelling that helps consumers make the right choices around recycling.” Gianmarco Sanfratello, Co-founder and CTO at PlantSea, said: “Achieving the OPRL label has been a huge boost. It is easy to claim that products are fully recyclable, but independent assessment brings a credibility that is especially valuable for a start-up and innovation business. It helps us to demonstrate our commitment to honesty and to giving consumers a choice.” The seaweed used in PlantSea’s packaging is a by-product sourced from the growing UK aquaculture industry which, in turn, supports aquatic life and marine conservation. In addition to the paper and card, which has been awarded the OPRL label, PlantSea has developed other seaweed-based products, including water-soluble film and agricultural mulch. Catch up on all the latest in our news round up BULLDOG ANNOUNCES MULTI-PRODUCT POPEYE X SKINNYDIP DEAL Bulldog Licensing, the leading licensing agency which represents Popeye in the UK on behalf of brand owner King Features Syndicate, has announced a new deal for the iconic brand with Skinnydip, a renowned supplier of fun and quirky accessories, clothing and lifestyle products. The deal comes in the year Popeye celebrates 95 successful years. Recently launched on the Skinnydip site is the Popeye x Skinnydip London collab featuring the original classic Popeye and girlfriend Olive Oyl, and (of course) Popeye’s trusty can of spinach on cases ready to adorn iPhones across the UK. Much more is on the way; this agreement extends to apparel, accessories, gifts, stationery, and health & beauty products. Popeye is one of the world’s best-known brands, with a strong appeal to people of all ages for nearly a century. His signature muscle-enhancing diet of spinach and his catchphrases “I Yam What I Yam” and “Well Blow Me Down!“ have inspired thousands of comic strips, hundreds of books, and over 600 episodes of cartoon content, not to mention songs, posters, films and much more. Popeye is not only ingrained in pop culture, he has become one of the most recognisable and beloved characters in the world. Now, with his 95th birthday in 2024, Bulldog Licensing plans to build on the already strong Popeye licensing programme within the UK. Skinnydip launched its first phone case design in 2011. Since then, it has evolved to become a go-to destination for female Gen-Z clothing and accessories. Today it serves up unique, witty and stand-out products to an ever-growing community of customers, influencers and celebrities around the globe through, its two standalone stores and over 200 stockists worldwide The company has also collaborated with a wide range of household-name entertainment brands. Bulldog’s Licensing Director Vicky Miller says: “The humour, striking designs and amazing levels of awareness that Popeye can boast have come together in a witty and wonderful selection of cases that will add originality and humour to every iPhone. It’s a great tribute to Popeye as he turns 95 from a company that is a leader in its field.” Hanna Netherway, Licensing Manager at Skinndydip, says: “Popeye and his signature look and style have been worldfamous for 95 years and are still instantly recognisable today. It’s great to be working with Bulldog on this amazing property. Inspired by a true cartoon great, these Popeye iPhone cases really pack a punch!” OPRL AWARDS ‘RECYCLE’ LABEL TO FIRST SEAWEED-BASED PACKAGING CARDZONE GROUP ACQUIRES CLINTONS Cardzone Group parent company Pillarbox Designs has acquired Clintons, with the company’s 163 stores adding to Cardzone’s 180 outlets. Cardzone Founder Pat Taylor said he was proud to be the nation’s “only national specialist chain selling quality cards.” Having been owned by the Weiss family since 2012, the deal to purchase Clintons was originally set to take place before COVID.” Cardzone will retain the Clinton’s brand name, according to Taylor: “The name is still synonymous with quality greeting card retailing. “There will be some changes, but we are very excited to be growing our family business with Clintons joining our portfolio.” 8

BABY SOPHIE LA GIRAFE® TURNS 63 Cult baby teething toy Sophie la girafe turns 63 in 2024. With a heritage spanning six decades, Sophie la girafe® has become a true icon and invaluable asset with families around the world, trusted by millions of parents to soothe gums and bring joy to little ones. Staying true to her history, Sophie la girafe® is still produced traditionally in France. Using the same method since 1961, Sophie is made following a closely guarded process involving 14 manual operations. A classic, cross-generational toy, Sophie la girafe® remains the world’s bestselling award, winning teething toy and for very good reason! Made from 100 percent natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea tree, Sophie’s flexible, renewable, natural materials and food grade non-toxic paint mean she is the safest and most natural teething toy. With a long line of celebrity fans, Sophie has truly earned her place in the hall of fame and in 2021 entered the Grevin in Paris! Sophie la girafe® is designed to stimulate the five senses helping with baby’s development along with soothing teething pains. She is soft and supple, with a delicious scent, this teether has many parts to chew on and features a variety of differing textures. Thanks to its compact form, this teether makes it easy for the littlest of hands to grab and manipulate. The range has grown over the years and now caters for baby’s every need, with products being sold in beautiful packaging they instantly become the perfect gift for your little one. WHOLESALE MARKETPLACE FAIRE ACHIEVES STELLAR SUCCESS IN FIRST THREE YEARS Wholesale marketplace Faire has facilitated 400,000 product orders from 50,000 retailers across the UK since its launch in the market just three years ago. Since 2021, Faire has helped establish 200,000 new relationships between British brands and retailers, and more than 20 of its UK-based brands have turned over £1 million in revenues. The platform, which connects independent retailers with unique and exciting independent brands, now has a retail customer base that totals four times the number of stores across the UK’s four largest supermarket chains combined. Jeff Kolovson, co-founder and COO of Faire, said: “It’s been a phenomenal three years for Faire in the UK. Despite a challenging economic climate, the independent retail community is resilient and we’re so proud to be part of the journey for so many inspirational British businesses.” Setting itself apart from other wholesale offerings, Faire uses a data-driven approach to level the playing field for smaller, independent retailers by offering net 60 payment terms and free returns on opening orders, eliminating inventory risk and providing access to capital - benefits that were previously only available to the largest retail chains. For brands looking to sell their products and grow their reach, the platform provides powerful sales, marketing, and analytics tools, so sellers can simplify their wholesale business and focus on making great products. Proving the strength of consumer appetite for independent retail in the UK, Faire recently conducted a piece of research that revealed nearly 80 percent of UK adults believe communities across the country would benefit from more independent businesses. A further two thirds (58 percent) said independent shops are an important contributor to local economies, and more than 35 percent said they think shoppers are more likely to spend in independent stores over bigger brands. Kolovson added: “We’re firm believers that the future of retail is independent, and it is clear that a significant proportion of British consumers feel the same way. In recent years, we have seen a huge surge in demand for unique and bespoke products. In fact, our ‘Not on Amazon’ filter is one of the most popular functions on the website, because both retailers and consumers are increasingly seeking out new and differentiated merchandise. We believe there is even more opportunity for both brands and retailers to capitalise on this growing consumer appetite - and we are here to help them on that journey.” HART SHOREDITCH ANNOUNCES NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH EAST LONDON ARTISAN SOAP MAKER, SOAPSMITH Hart Shoreditch is delighted to unveil its new partnership with Soapsmith, a contemporary bath and body care brand renowned for its craftsmanship and devotion to natural fragrances inspired by the essence of East London neighbourhoods. As part of this collaboration, Soapsmith has created a bespoke ‘Brick Lane’ collection of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, with its very own personalised scent, only available at Hart Shoreditch. Inspired by Soapsmith owner Samantha Jameson’s personal journey in East London, the collaboration embodies the hotel’s commitment to celebrating local culture and communities, routed in craftsmanship and sustainability. By sourcing new products locally, Hart Shoreditch actively contributes to inclusivity, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment amongst local business owners. Bottles are 100 percent recyclable as well as vegan friendly, with absolutely no animal testing and natural ingredients crafted to nourish and care for all skin types. By joining forces with Soapsmith, Hart Shoreditch not only enhances the guest experience but also contributes to charitable causes, with Soapsmith donating 10 percent of their proceeds to a range of impactful organisations, from beauty banks to women’s shelters as well as regular donations to their local hospital, Whipps Cross and Homerton Hospital. INDUSTRY NEWS 9

THE LONDON STUDIO APPOINTS NEW LICENSING MANAGER Art licensing and design company The London Studio has announced the appointment of Jess Brown to the role of Licensing Manager with immediate effect. She will report to founder and Director of The London Studio, Soula Zavacopoulos. In her new role Jess will be spearheading new licensing opportunities for The London Studio properties, as well as sourcing new licensing deals for The London Studio’s Artists Collective – made up of over 100 artists from across the globe and ranging from emerging new talent to established names. Jess will initially be focussing primarily across two key areas for The London Studio: greetings cards and giftware. Jess joins The London Studio after nearly 15 years in the licensing business, a period that has seen her work with many major names including Viacom, Warner Bros, Woolworth, Disney and MTV. CHARITABLE SHOPPING WEBSITE LAUNCHED Charitable shopping website announces the launch of a state-of-the-art fundraising platform that revolutionises the way donations are made online. Combining the convenience of an online marketplace and philanthropy, BuytoGive is poised to transform the landscape of charitable giving. Kevin Turner, the founder of BuytoGive, said “ BuytoGive is heralding a ground-breaking shift in e-commerce for a cause. This isn’t just a platform; it’s the start of a community where every sale is a step towards change. Designed for the conscientious shopper and the visionary retailer, we’re igniting a movement. Transactions aren’t just transactions; they’re acts of giving, uniting us in a common goal. We’re inviting everyone who believes in the power of purposedriven commerce to join this revolutionary journey. Together, as a vibrant community, we’ll make a significant difference.” SMARTMAX RECEIVES THREE ACCOLADES AT LOVED BY PARENTS AWARDS The recently launched SmartMax ‘My First Build & Drive’ took the top spot in three different categories of the Loved by Parents Awards including Best Stimulative Toy 1-3yrs, Best Construction Toy 1-3yrs, and Best Innovative Toy 2024. With an age range of 18 months to 5 years, the awardwinning toy gives children an early introduction to the amazing world of magnetism. Engaging little minds for hours on end, it is no surprise it was a hit with both the judging panel and the public during the voting stage. SmartMax’s My First Build & Drive takes children on a creative journey. It is a 2-in-1 playset: Toddlers as young as 18 months can build and play and pre-schoolers from the age of 2-5 can enhance their skills as they try to build one of the constructions shown on the 24 picture challenge cards. The enchanting set gives little ones the chance to learn all about magnetism, colours, shapes, angles and concepts such as above, below, up and under. Like all products from SmartMax, the set can be combined with all other SmartMax sets and develops fine motor skills, balance, and fantasy. The Loved by Parents Awards continue to be one of the largest and most trusted parenting award programmes worldwide, this year enjoying another record year with thousands of votes cast and multiple brands competing from all over the world. It is a true mark of distinction, making the new awards a great achievement for the SmartMax brand. Commenting on the award wins, Karen Clarke, UK Brand Director at Smart Toys and Games said: “We’re over the moon that one of our newest SmartMax ‘My First’ sets has been accredited with 3 Platinum awards at the highly acclaimed Loved By Parents Awards. We know these awards are rigorously tested and trusted by parents, so we are extremely proud to have been honoured with three of them.” ACID CEO DIDS MACDONALD RECOGNISED ON WOMEN IN TRADES ASSOCIATION POWERLIST 2024 ACID CEO Dids MacDonald has been recognised on the Women in Trades Association Powerlist 2024. The Trade Association Forum (TAF), the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) joined forces to champion the role of women in trade associations, celebrate their achievements and encourage the next generation of women into the association sector. TAF, FSB and CBI are led by strong female champions and are supported in their respective organisations by brilliant women at all stages of their careers. In a joint statement they said: “It is our shared ambition to support our own staff and other inspirational women in trade associations to be powerful advocates for diversity and inclusion in their sectors and more widely to support and encourage female business leaders and entrepreneurs.” -2024-powerlist 10

THERE’S A RANGE OF DIFFERENT DESIGNS TO SUIT EVERY INTEREST. JH Designpoint EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS ON FINE BONE CHINA e full range can be seen at 0141 339 4927 | OVER 500 MODELS AVAILABLE FROM STOCK Please contact us for a trade catalogue Tel 01460 75686 The Walking S�ck Specialists

Email: Telephone: 01538 807 780 Goebel, De Rosa and Noritake are just a few of the many Brands of Distinction from Global Luxury Brands. All with a proven track record, unique yet commercial products and highly selective distribution. The best sellers in these exciting ranges are now stocked in the UK for excellent service and trouble-free delivery. Contact us for further details on all our prestige brands. GIFTS LIMITED EDITIONS BEAUTIFUL HOMES creative solutions for tabletop, gifts and accessories. MICRO-SAFE Gold & Platinum

On with the show Trade show updates from home and abroad Autumn Fair launches new campaign theme Autumn Fair, UK retail’s inspirational shopping destination for Home, Gift and Fashion, has announced the launch of its new campaign theme promising a celebration of newness and original products that will bring retail stores to life, putting the spotlight on the allure of the ‘shop window’ and the best of British suppliers. Following constructive dialogue with key partners, buyers and loyal brands, Autumn Fair returns on the 1st – 4th September at NEC Birmingham with a renewed focus on independent retailers. Placing the buying experience at the forefront, the show revamps as the indispensable destination for buyers to explore a wealth of new and captivating products. Recognising the importance of swift transitions from the show floor to the shop window, Autumn Fair will curate a selection of over 500 suppliers primed to deliver on smaller minimums, establishing the event as the retail industries go-to for independents seeking seamless and efficient sourcing. Showcasing its importance in the retail calendar, Autumn Fair 2024 will host the retail market’s bellwether brands in every major sector across Home, Gift, and Fashion with over 30 percent of brands exclusive to the show. The September buying show will also celebrate the best that Britain has to offer, paying homage to the British suppliers who are able to fulfil quick turnarounds with new products on small order quantities to cater to the evolving needs of the indies. Attracting a diverse array of independent retailers eager to rejuvenate their product offerings for the bustling yearend season, Autumn Fair has introduced entry-level exhibitor packages and pavilions to satisfy the desire for newness and enable new businesses with fresh ideas the opportunity to meet their first customers. Jackson Szabo, Portfolio Director, Autumn Fair says, “We’ve listened to all the constructive feedback from our community, and we’re excited to bring a new energy and focus to Autumn Fair. From the show floor to the shop window, every retailer wants to be inspired with original products that they believe will bring their stores to life. Autumn Fair is where buyers come to shop. Where products discovered at the show are of such exceptional quality that they deserve a prime spot in shop windows. Independents flock to Autumn Fair to replenish inventory for end of year (peak season), and the buying trend is now little and often. With limited storage capacity and lower cash flow, this buying strategy is necessary to prepare for the increase in end of year sales. Autumn Fair provides the last opportunity in the year for product exploration. “We will be putting buying at the forefront of everything we do. We’ll be revamping the way buyers shop the show with improvements to the onsite experience, website, registration and more to help them best prepare and get the most out of the show. We’ll be creating more trails and buyer experiences to enable them to find the right brands. Indies need to make every second away from the store count. They need to be efficient and effective especially during a busy time of the season, and Autumn Fair will be their trusted resource to shop the brands that can make a difference for them now.” 13 NEWS & EVENTS

Exclusively exhibition space sold out Exhibition space at the UK’s leading housewares, gift and small domestic electricals show, Exclusively (11th and 12th June 2024 at The Business Design Centre, Islington) is already 100 percent sold, says Show Chair, Will Jones. Speaking in February, Jones said: “With just over four months to go, the speed at which the space was snapped up, even in these fairly challenging times, shows yet again how the housewares, gift, and small domestic electricals sector has lost none of its appetite for a physical opportunity to showcase products and network face-to-face.” Exclusively regularly has over 130 companies and three hundred brands participating and attracts all the leading UK buyers in the categories it represents. It also targets international buyers, journalists, bloggers, and influencers, so the opportunities for exhibitors are extensive. “Visitor turnout was fabulous in 2023 so I’m sure that is contributing to exhibitor enthusiasm for 2024,” Jones continued. “We’re delighted to welcome electricals brands such as Morphy Richards, Shark Ninja, Beam Group and Sebo, and Housewares brands like Bodum, Portmeirion, Minky, International Cookware & Pyrex, Aarke, ABS Pottery, Barista & Co, Zero Water, Premier Housewares and Museums & Galleries.” INDX TOY & GIFT SHOW REGISTRATION NOW OPEN Registration is now open for the INDX Toy & Gift show - the sole dedicated toy industry trade show scheduled in Autumn 2024. The 2024 edition of INDX Toy & Gift will be held at Cranmore Park from Tuesday 3rd September to Wednesday 4th September. Bringing together industry insights, emerging trends, innovative products, and top suppliers in the realms of toys, games, licensed merchandise, children’s gifts, and kidult gifting, INDX Toy & Gift is a must-attend event for all retailers in these categories. Providing visitors with an exclusive chance to stock up for the Christmas period and preview upcoming products for 2025, this two-day event is open to retailers of all sizes and guarantees an unforgettable experience. This year’s event theme, heritage, will highlight key suppliers and beloved branded ranges cherished over generations, offering attendees a nostalgic journey through the exhibition space. The highly sought-after Best Dressed Stand Award will make its return, as exhibitors are judged on their display techniques, prop utilisation, and visual merchandising. The deserving winner will be announced on 3rd September 2024. Rosie Marshall, Head of Toys & Children’s Gifts at AIS who also leads the team responsible for curating the show, said: “We’re really looking forward to getting the industry together for an exciting product showcase and what will be the UK’s only autumn toy show of 2024. “It’s important that the INDX Toy & Gift show supports all yearround trading, and the September dates will allow suppliers and buyers to strategise, beyond the Christmas period and maximise annual sales - not just seasonal. “The exhibitor list is building, and we have suppliers such as Spin Master, Vtech, James Galt, Ravensburger, Playmobil, Gibsons Games & Puzzles, and Big Jigs already confirmed, with lots more in the process of booking stands.” Visitor registration can be completed online: Suppliers wishing to learn more about exhibiting should contact: 14

16 Brand spanking new Check out some new and exciting products in the current market PERSONALISED MEMENTO COMPANY Bring some sparkle to your day with this new personalised pink glitter mug from Personalised Memento Company. This fun mug can be personalised with any message, making a unqiue gift for all occasions, including a special birthday, celebrating a new job or even as a cute gift for yourself! E: JOE DAVIES Following on from the success of the Daisy sentiment message ducks from Joe Davies, new models have been added featuring a family group of ducks and pairs of ducks including mother with her baby duck and a friend’s duo to name but a few. These models capture the essence of spring with pretty pastel colours and dainty flowers painted on the duck’s body. The heartfelt messages symbolise the love between family members making them the perfect sentiment gift. MISS MILLY The gorgeous new handmade raffia earrings from Miss Milly are a great addition to spring and summer wardrobes, and a perfect holiday accessory. With the capsule collection offering bold hoops and stunning flower designs, these eye-catching, statement earrings are in keeping with the brand’s love of everything colourful but a new departure in terms of materials and design. And three of the four flower colours feature gold-coloured findings, a rare finish for Miss Milly. Whilst they might look a bit cumbersome, the flower earrings are lightweight and easy to wear. They are available in cream, taupe, aqua and blue with contrasting centres. The hoops are offered in seven lovely colours; aqua, blue, turquoise, pink, fuchsia, lime green and taupe so you can wear them with both neutral and more colourful outfits. The earrings are all available online now at There is no minimum order quantity so select the exact number you need but don’t be too careful as they won’t be around long having been popular at the spring trade shows. Overall minimum order with Miss Milly is only £100 and a carriage paid order is £300. T: +44 (0)1905 622 509 E: ANCIENT WISDOM Each Hop Hare roll-on bottle features a specially selected essential oil blend, chosen for its aromatic properties that synergize with the gemstone power. This magical pairing creates a double force, boosting the holistic benefits of both elements. The extra layer of magic is a detachable gold-printed tarot card that unveils a world of storytelling. Customers can choose to keep these tarot cards as a charming keepsake or hop on a journey to collect all seven, each representing a different journey of Hop Hare in discovering scents (the essence of the chosen essential oil blends). T: +44 (0)1142 729 165 E:

17 BRAND SPANKING NEW KAWECO After many years of development, Kaweco has perfected their iconic Sport model as a piston filler. It’s available to pre-order from retailers now. Since 1883, there have been various systems for filling a fountain pen. Today, ink cartridges are a widespread and popular filling method, but in the past fountain pens were mainly filled using ink bottles. Beside lever fountain pens and eyedroppers, the piston mechanism has been the most important and reliable filling system. In 1937, the Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen was first presented as a piston filler under the name #612, and it has been further developed in many different versions over the years. Thanks to its clever compact mechanism, the Kaweco Sport Piston Filler holds an impressive (approx. 1ml) amount of ink. Piston fillers allow for an infinite choice of inks, as many inks are only sold in bottles, not as cartridges. The pen can be refilled quickly and easily with the smooth-running refill mechanism. A transparent ink window allows you to monitor the ink level at all times. CHESHIRE & WAIN Cheshire & Wain’s colourful collection pays homage to the work of eccentric British artist Louis Wain, which often depicted cats with vibrant floral backdrops. Brought to life on screen by Benedict Cumberbatch in The Electrical Life of Louis Wain (2021), Wain captivated hearts with his widely popular anthropomorphic cats, elevating their status from vermin and occasional mousers to the pets we love today. Since 2013, Cheshire & Wain has somewhat followed in its part-namesake’s footsteps to ensure every cat can live their best nine lives. And with the exclusive Louis Wain leather cat collars, both indoor or outdoor cats can launch into Spring looking fine, dandy and colourful in their preferred hue of Electric Blue, Chartreuse Green, Purrsimmon Orange or Pastel Mint. Made from the finest Italian leather with a matte rubberised surface, each collar has a contrasting soft suede lining for comfort, with an optional bell. Handcrafted with love in England, the collars (£55) feature Cheshire & Wain’s signature breakaway safety catch and optional personalisation. They arrive beautifully presented in a special edition Louis Wain gift box. High society kitties can choose to elevate their colourful collar further for soirees, outdoor strolls and other engagements with a matching or contrasting Gem Collar Charm (£16). Set in sterling silver, gems include Blood Orange, Aquamarine, Chartreuse and Pink Sapphire. Cat lovers can also add the joy of flowers (and cats!) to their home in Louis Wain’s technicolour style with a choice of two Art Prints – A Cat With Her Kittens and Flower Cat, which fuse Wain’s famous wide-eyed pussycats with the themes of his lesser- known work featuring flowers and landscapes. Available in A4 and A3, the imagery is specially licensed to Cheshire & Wain, with each limited-edition print produced on museum-quality heavyweight Hahnemü hle paper by a fine art printer in London. Priced from £45. PRIMEUR Home and garden specialist, Primeur, has launched a new collection of doormats produced under license from Bree Merryn, one of Britain’s most popular wildlife artists. The collection of 18 individual doormat designs made its debut at Spring Fair, where Primeur exhibited for the first time this year. Bree was on Primeur’s stand in Hall 8 to help promote the new collection and catch up with her friends and colleagues in the home and gift industry. With many retailers already stocking Bree’s distinctive wall art and incredibly successful licensed gift collections, the doormats help to create a seamless look throughout the home, from the moment you set foot inside. Bree commented: “I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Primeur. I’ve known them for a long time – almost 30 years now – and they’re such lovely people and a joy to work with. It’s also lovely to be here at the forefront of the launch at Spring Fair and the response has been fantastic. There’s nothing like this in the market and people have loved it. The designs make you smile when you come to the door!” T: +44 (0)1274 518 800 BASKETBASKET New for 2024, this Circle Crochet Raffia Bag from BasketBasket was hand crocheted with sustainable raffia in Madagascar. Five circles in beige or black on one side, plus a colour rim and woven raffia handles. Perfect for holidays, this lightweight bag will pack up easily and carry all you need too. Or they would look great for storage in the home. Matching natural crochet hats also available.

18 SMART GAMES SmartGames, the worldwide leader in multilevel logic games, has launched its latest 1 player puzzle game. Introducing Smart Dog Obstacle Run; a compact game for animal lovers young and old, with 60 challenges to keep players sniffing for solutions for hours! Create an obstacle path for your fluffy friend, as they jump, hop and tunnel their way around the agility course and back to the trainer. Great from 7 years+ and ideal for canine lovers, Smart Dog Obstacle Run is a game that tests players logic! Players must choose from 60 challenges in the included booklet that vary from easy to expert - place hurdles on the board and use concentration to discover the perfect path! To solve the game, players must reunite this perfect pooch with its trainer! Fun for all the family, playing Smart Dog Obstacle Run stimulates concentration, planning, problem solving and visual perception skills. Its compact design means it’s great for on the go, providing hours of fun for those young and old – a brilliant travel game. Commenting on the launch of the Smart Dog Obstacle Run game, Karen Clarke, UK Brand Director at Smart Toys and Games said: “We’re so excited to unveil this new game! Following the ongoing success of Cats & Boxes which was released last year, we felt it was time for a new theme to keep our canine loving fans guessing and Smart Dog Obstacle Run is just the trick! It’s a game bursting with fun and definitely puts players logic and problem-solving skills to the test! We hope this colourful canine game sparks as much joy as it did for us!” Sales enquiries are to be sent to or call +44 (0)1903 885 669. LESSER & PAVEY Introducing the R’PET Pals: The Cutest Plushies with a Purpose form Lesser and Pavey. Meet the adorable Giraffe, Bunny, Elephant, Highland Cow, and many more in the new plush toy range. These aren’t your average cute friends as there is a twist – they’re eco-warriors! What makes them special? They’re crafted from 100 percent recycled plastic waste – yes, those plastic bottles you throw away! Buyers, and the consumer, by choosing the Lesser and Pavey R’PET Pals, are not only cuddling the cuteness, softest plush, but they are also helping to reduce landfill and combat ocean waste. Get a sneak peek, and cuddle, with the exclusive R’PET Pals with a visit to the Lesser and Pavey showroom to see the full range on display and join the cuddle revolution! BETTY HULA Bettyhula has unveiled its latest innovation, the all-new Soap Powder. This remarkable product could change the way we think about soap on the go. Bettyhula’s Soap Powder is a gamechanger for travellers, festival goers and skincare enthusiasts alike. With just a few drops of water, the powder transforms into a soft and silky lather, providing an invigorating and cleansing experience that leaves your hands feeling refreshed and revitalised. With a diverse range of products, Bettyhula offers skincare solutions that cater to modern needs while respecting the environment. Comprising 99 percent natural and vegan ingredients, Bettyhula’s Soap Powder embodies sustainability and it comes in eco-friendly packaging. Betty Hula Co-Founder, Lisa Swaine, says: “We’re excited to introduce our Soap Powder, which is not only incredibly convenient for people on-the-go but also aligns with our love of providing natural and eco-friendly skincare solutions. Our soap powder needs just a few drops of water to form a soft and velvety lather. Add a small amount of powder to your hands and moisten it with a few drops of water, then rub hands together.” The versatile product, which is made from coconut milk, won Silver in the Skincare category of the Veggies Awards. METAL PLANET These beautiful pewter animal lapel pins form part of Metal Planet’s Love Nature range. Hand crafted at their Hertfordshire studio, each pin is lovingly hand cast in English pewter with fine detailing and with a simple push clasp. Each pin is packaged on a smart branded white and dove grey display card which is then sealed inside a cellophane pouch. Easy to display, eye catching and a great pick-up line! From Hedgehogs to Pigs, Dogs to Cats and Horses to Koala’s the range is extensive and the perfect gift to fit many occasions or fabulous little inexpensive pick-ups to give to friends and family as a thank you, a little extra gift or a reminder of their favourite furry friend. Alongside the nature lapel pins there is also a range of pewter pins featuring hearts, shamrocks, angel wings, angels and stars which are attractive and look great worn on a lapel, tie, hat or bag strap. These are versatile, attractive pins and durable little keepsakes that will stand the test of time.

19 BRAND SPANKING NEW EXACLAIR The traditional Japanese art of origami keeps on growing in popularity as people continue to focus on pastimes that promote relaxation and positive mental wellbeing. The latest origami packs from Clairefontaine make the concept of creating models from folding paper an easy and enjoyable activity for all ages. The Origami Bunch of Flowers Kit contains everything you need to design your very own eye-catching floral bouquet, including 60 softly coloured sheets of 70gsm paper in various sizes, floral adhesive tape, flexible wires, wooden beads and glue. An attractive selection of four seasonally themed papers is also amongst the latest releases within the popular 15x15cm sized paper packs range, which contain 60 patterned sheets of 70gsm paper. Each pack includes 30 patterns repeated twice, with each pack inspired by the colours of the seasons. T: +44 (0)1553 696 600 E: BEST KEPT SECRETS Best Kept Secrets launches its Luminescent Collection Spring 2024. This new collection introduces a fresh vessel design and promises to elevate home décor with sustainable elegance. The Luminescent Collection features eye-catching candles housed in decorative glass with a stylish ombre effect. Designed to make a statement in any home, these vessels offer luxury at an affordable price point. Complementing the chic design are four new fragrances curated to appeal year-round. From floral scents to zesty citrus notes, these fragrances promise to enhance any space with their captivating aromas. As part of its commitment to accessibility, Best Kept Secrets offers a range of retail solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes. Whether large retailers or small boutiques, the Luminescent Collection can seamlessly integrate into any retail setting. “Best Kept Secrets remains dedicated to providing quality, affordability, and sustainability,” said Vanessa Curry, Managing Director at Best Kept Secrets. “With the Luminescent Collection, we continue to uphold these values while offering consumers a luxurious yet ecofriendly home fragrance option.” Priced under £15, the new home fragrance collection from Best Kept Secrets ensures accessibility without compromising on quality or sustainability. Discover the allure of the Luminescent Collection this Spring and experience the perfect blend of luxury and sustainability from Best Kept Secrets. MAD BEAUTY With boundless enthusiasm, Mad Beauty is entering Spring/ Summer season with multitude of captivating collaborations and collections destined to surprise and delight. Mad Beauty’s Creative Director, Julia Cash comments, “Our latest lineup is set to impress even the most discerning gift recipients. From timeless bestsellers to groundbreaking product innovations, Mad Beauty offers something to fulfil everyone’s wish list this spring!” So, what’s new? With the highly anticipated release of Disney’s The Lion King live-action adaptation this summer, Mad Beauty is paying homage to the original animated classic. Dive into a realm of body, beauty and hair care treasures inspired by Disney’s most cherished characters! Additionally, celebrate the timeless elegance of the original Disney Princess and the eagerly awaited debut of the live-action remake of Snow White with a tempting array of indulgences designed to make you feel your fairest. Furthermore, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the cult classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas, with an alluring new aesthetic featuring exclusive moulded accessories and spine-chilling self-care and beauty delights. And let’s not forget everyone’s favourite genetically engineered extraterrestrial lifeform, Stitch, who receives a fabulous deniminspired makeover with an array of cutting-edge formats that are sure to become must-haves for Disney aficionados and beauty enthusiasts alike! In a momentous celebration in pop culture history, Mad Beauty commemorates the 85th anniversary of Warner Bros.’ timeless masterpiece, The Wizard of Oz, with a whimsical collection of fantastical bath, body, and beauty treasures inspired by the most iconic moments and characters from this beloved classic.

rhodiarama softcover Visit Us 14-15 MAY 2024 BUSINESS DESIGN CENTRE STAND M400 DISCOVER MORE elegant, vibrant & oh-so-luxurious! tap into endless creative potential! CONTACT SALES EXACLAIR.CO.UK OR CALL 01553 696600 a rainbow of colours, 5 sizes, clairefontaine 90g ivory brushed vellum paper, italian leatherette cover

21 BOOK REVIEWS Bookstand The latest releases in gift books THE LITTLE BOOK OF VEGAN FOOD STUDENT FOOD Author: Alexa Kaye RRP: £7.99 Format: Paperback HBSN: 9781837992768 A pocket-sized guide to all things vegan grub, this little book is the perfect gift for students who hunger for easy, affordable and feelgood food. The student lifestyle doesn’t always lend itself to extravagant cooking - most of the time you might get by with toast - but this book is for those that crave a little creativity, sustainability and flavour in the kitchen. Vegan student food always packs a plant-based punch, promising tasty ingredients, high nutritional value and ethical peace of mind. Featuring an array of budget-friendly, flavourful and easy-to-make meals, this guide gives you the vegan recipes you need to spice up your student suppers. From comfort food to gourmet dishes, study snacks to batch bakes and delicious drinks, the recipes, tips and trivia inside this book will put the variety in your vegan diet. Whether you’re already a meat-free chef, a vegan cooking newcomer or an omnivore looking to explore plant-based food in your student kitchen, this book will provide you with the tools to ensure great taste every mealtime. OVERCOME DON’T OVERTHINK Author: Sam Cooper RRP: £9.99 Format: Paperback IBSN: 9781837993512 A supportive guide to help quieten racing thoughts, declutter your mind and embrace positive thinking. Everyone worries sometimes, but if you find yourself constantly overthinking every moment, decision and interaction, this can stop you from being confidently you. If you’re someone who regularly feels trapped in a negative thought loop, Overcome Don’t Overthink can help you break this cycle of self-criticism so you can feel confident in everything you do. With the help of this friendly and calming guide, you’ll learn techniques to ease anxious thoughts, boost self-confidence and quit overthinking for good. Inside you will find: • A breakdown of how our thoughts, feelings and behaviours interact and affect each other • CBT-based techniques for combatting negative thoughts and embracing positivity • Tips to help you declutter your mind • Advice on where to find further help if needed Overcome negative thought patterns with this essential guide to living a worry-free life. With the tips and advice inside, you’ll learn to stop dwelling on the past and start living fully in the present. HOW HERBS HEALED THE WORLD Author: Connor Smith RRP: £22 Format: Hardback ISBN: 9781529430530 Herbs are wonderful things. Without them so much would not be possible. Seventyfive herbs have been carefully chosen to tell the story of how they have each changed our world, looking at their historical and modern day uses. Enriched with historic and modern illustrations and botanical and horticultural information, this is an expertly written and beautifully illustrated guide to the 75 herbs that have been vital to human existence; from oral traditions and culinary history to modern medicine. How Herbs Healed the World shows how exotic herbs from across the globe have enriched our lives and delves into the origins of the culinary herbs that everyone knows and loves. WE MADE A GARDEN Author: Margery Fish RRP: £14.99 Format: Hardback ISBN: 9781849948722 An elegant new edition of a classic book from one of the twentieth century’s greatest garden writers. This landmark work on creating a garden was first published in 1956 and has rarely been out of print since. We Made a Garden is the story of how Margery Fish, one of the leading British gardeners of the mid-20th century, and her husband Walter transformed an acre of wilderness into a stunning cottage garden, still open to the public at East Lambrook Manor, Somerset, England. Quirky and readable, this book details her creation of a world-renowned cottage garden, as well as her battles with Walter in the process, who preferred the standard suburban approach.

22 THE SPIRIT OF VW - 50 REASONS WHY WE LOVE THEM Author: Vaughan Grylls RRP: £16.99 Format: Hardback ISBN: 9781849948753 In the year the iconic VW Golf celebrates it’s 50th anniversary, this essential book provides an evocative, witty and informed exploration of the revered German car brand, illustrating its textural history and ever-growing popularity. The Beetle, The Transporter, The Polo: all iconic models of the historic VW name. Whether a car enthusiast or not, the VW is known for its stylish design and high-class performance. With a name that translates to ‘The People’s Car’, VW’s innovative and market dominating models have made them the go-to car of families across the globe, known for their reliability and utility. As the world caught the bug for VW cars in the mid 20th-century, the brand’s ever-changing image and dynamic range has made them a versatile option for every kind of driver. This fascinating book discusses the most recognised VW models, from 1940’s pioneering Beetle to the newest cars seen taking off along the motorways; summing up succinctly the reasons why we love them. VW’s are highly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors the world over and with its celebrated Golf model turning 50 this year, this book makes the perfect gift for any car aficionado. YOU THE DADDY Author: Giles Alexander RRP: £14.99 Format: Paperback HBSN: 9781837991259 Welcome to the hands-on dad’s guide to fatherhood - for anyone who’s embarking on the rollercoaster ride of parenting but doesn’t know where to begin. Split into digestible chapters, this book provides practical and easy-to-follow advice on every stage of pregnancy, birth and the early years of parenthood - up until your baby’s three - including essentials such as: • Supporting your partner as she grows a baby • Preparing for your new arrival • Being the best birth partner you can be • A step-by-step guide to life with a newborn • The journey of your child’s development and advice on raising well-rounded toddlers • Looking after your mental health while providing for your family Expectations of new dads and the roles we play have never been greater. This is a life-changing time for you and your partner and the prep work starts now. FINANCIAL JOY Author: Ken & Mary Okoroafor RRP: £16.99 Format: Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7384231-2-5 Authors Ken and Mary Okoroafor started out as resource-poor, working-class immigrants and have built a life of financial independence and joyful moments through hard work, smart saving and savvy investing. They know what it feels like to start from ground zero, and as a chartered accountant and former CFO, Ken shares his financial expertise to help you unlock the secret to building wealth. Financial Joy is a practical 10-week financial plan to help you turn your life around from small beginnings and design a life of financial freedom filled with the small experiences that bring you joy. Alongside real-life interviews with people from different backgrounds, age groups and stages of their money journey, Ken & Mary offer practical financial advice on how to: Take control of your finances, develop good money habits, become debt-free, invest in assets, and multiply your income. All so you can create the freedom to travel, spend time with your loved ones and plan for a stress-free (early) retirement – all whilst prioritising your wellbeing and having fun! Whether you’re a complete beginner to investing, currently living in your overdraft and stressed living paycheck to paycheck, or worried about preparing for retirement; or maybe you’re just fed up with your career and want to know how to stop running the rat race. Wherever you are on your journey, this book will revolutionise your relationship with money and your lifestyle. Financial joy is for everybody, and it is accessible to you now, not later. Start today to grow your money and create a life you love. 100 BOOKS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD Author: Scott Christianson and Colin Salter RRP: £20 Format: Hardback ISBN: 9781849948685 A thought-provoking chronological timeline of the world’s most influential books. What’s your favourite book? Why did it inspire you? Did it change your world? In this elegant and updated new edition of 100 Books that Changed the World, Colin Salter and the late Scott Christianson present a chronological timeline of three millennia of human thought distilled in print, from the earliest illuminated manuscripts to the age of ebooks and audiobooks. From scriptures that founded religions, to scientific treatises that challenged beliefs, to novels that kick-started literary movements, this beautifully illustrated book informs and entertains as it demonstrates how the power of the written word has shaped, changed and even revolutionised the world. of the many groundbreaking within, included are: • The Iliad and The Odyssey, Homer (750 BC) • Shakespeare’s First Folio (1623) • A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Mary Wollstonecraft (1792) • Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (1845) • The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank (1947) • Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe (1958) • A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking (1988) Each entry is thoughtfully annotated and illustrated with vibrant colour photography.Together they make up an elegantly designed and chronological account of the world’s most important and groundbreaking publications.