Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - January/February 2023

63 COMPANY PROFILE LETTER TO SENDER Sue Morrish joined Eco Friendly cards in 1996 with no knowledge of cards, yet the company is still a roaring success. Find out more about the company When did you start up and why? Scott Morrish started the business in 1993. Fresh out of art college he wanted to find a way of funding his photography, so published four cards of images of Dartmoor. That four became eight and then 16 and eventually a portfolio of over 500 designs featuring over 25 different contributing artists. I (Sue Morrish) joined the business in 1996 knowing absolutely nothing about cards, but loving the relationships we had with all our independent retailer stockists – many of whom still stock our cards all these years later! What challenges have you overcome since the company’s launch? We are a small team and have always pulled together when times have been tricky, it helps that we can all wear many hats! I think one of the biggest challenges is the current issues we are seeing with price instability in the paper market. It’s always been important to us that our products are competitively priced, whilst retaining high environmental standards.