Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - November/December 2022

34 amount of online orders but our main priority was keeping our staff safe. We worked in two separate teams, had one way systems, temperature checks and big screens were installed so we could work face to face, but with reduced risk. Our staff shone through again. The schools were closed and lots of us were juggling home life, kids and work. But with their flexible attitude we managed to maintain a full staff and orders continued to be processed Tell us about your product offering. We offer Seriously Scented candles, diffusers and handmade natural soaps. Candles are our main strength – we have over 50 fragrances and I’ve personally tested them all! Seriously Scented candles at sensible prices! What are your most popular products? When the Seriously Scented range started we sold just six different types of candles, whereas today we have 50 different fragrances in our portfolio. From fresh and fruity, floral to the heavier finer fragrances, there really is a fragrance to suit all tastes. Just Because candles have been in production since 2017 and I’m delighted to say we have rebranded them and they look fabulous! They are a great gift celebrating friends, family and special occasions. An extension to this range is the introduction of the Just Because three lites. The top 10 selling lines are now available in not only a candle tin but a pretty gift box, with three large tea lights in different fragrances. Happy birthday, Special Friend, Lovely Mum, Happy new home, Thank you so much, Fab Sister, Special Daughter, Thinking of you, Love you to the Moon & back and Congratulations. Our sparkly diffuser lines are hugely popular. Available in two sizes – 100ml and 50ml. Again, we have met the £10 price point with the 50ml diffuser retailing at £9.99. Handmade natural soaps are a real treat and are beautifully handmade and wrapped in mulberry papers. There are no nasties in our soaps – Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and sustainable Palm Oil are the base oils with wild grown shea butter and avocado added as enriching and moisturising oils and butters. Have any styles taken you by surprise with their popularity? Just Because candles have always done well but since rebranding them earlier this year, they have just flown. In percentage terms, Just Because is now equally as popular as our main range of candles – the Seriously Scented range. I think the fresh new contemporary styling has caught the eye of savvy retailers and customers alike. When it works, it just does. How do you keep your designs fresh and current? Do you follow trends? Our retailers are great at telling us what they want, after all they are face-toface with the public. So many products are born from customer feedback. One reason for attending trade shows is to keep the relationships going so we can find out what’s heading our way next. Our designer is amazing. She has a creative eye, brilliant ideas and brings products to life. Fragrance houses are excellent at forecasting new trends and we work closely with them to launch new fragrances that are bang on trend. What sets you apart from your competitors? Our candles are manufactured in the pretty market town of Morpeth, Northumberland and are all hand made by our master candle makers. We don’t buy pre-made candles, and do the hard work and make them ourselves. The majority of our ingredients comes from the UK and Europe. Rarely do we import from the far east. We pride ourselves on top quality fragranced products so buying from UK companies we achieve a better quality and standard. Our retailers tell us that candles and gifts under the £10 price point are optimum. So that’s what we do! The majority of our candles have an RRP of under £10. Great value for money and an