Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - May/June 2022

When did you start up and why? I started Stitch with Skye in April 2019, which produces DIY embroidery kits for all abilities, with the added extra that once the kits are finished, consumers can display them with pride. Most of the designs are inspired by female growth and body positivity. When I started the business, it was my vision to be able to offer craft kits that represented the modern world that we live in today. Stitch With Skye has a passion for creating designs that people can relate to and feel a sense of connection with. I’ve sewn from a young age, taught by my Mom, and it’s a passion that has stayed with me long into adult life. There is great comfort and relaxation that comes from crafting and sewing. Skye is my loyal Cocker Spaniel. She’s never far from me when I’m embroidering – and that’s how the brand name was born, because to this day, I’m always stitching with Skye! What prompted you to launch the business? I couldn’t find embroidery patterns or crafting kits that were modern, or kits that when finished I wanted to display in my home. So I started making my own. What challenges have you overcome since the company’s launch? Lots! The list could go on but the main challenges are: Finances – ensuring you have a good cashflow so that you can buy stock, and invest money back into your business for growth. Copyright – while it’s always flattering when people love your designs so much that they want to recreate their own version, it can be difficult to navigate fake shops and listings that can sometimes pop up on various selling platforms. Time management – running my own business means I have all the roles, so everything from designing right through to post office drops all come down to me. This means that you have to be strict with your time keeping and make a lot of lists! You also have to remember that taking time off is definitely good for your creativity and for new product ideas.  71 UP AND COMING