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61 COMPANY PROFILE WHATEVER THE WEATHER ClimMET offers equipment for rain, wind, sun, snow, moon, time, pressure and humidity. Here, George Hayden, Sales and Marketing Executive, shares more about the brand’s offering, it’s best-selling items and his confidence in independent retail When did you start up and why? ClimeMET started in 2014, but has been around for a lot longer. Starting as a product range, ClimeMET grew and developed into its very own company. Weather technology had long been reserved for home users with the technical know-how. ClimeMET aims to bring customers weather instruments in a user-friendly format with a modern and stylish finish. What prompted you to launch the business? Nic, our Managing Director, had an inner connection with the weather and would stand on the beach in Norfolk watching the waves and the clouds roll in, as he waited for the right conditions to go sailing or windsurfing. He wanted to design a brand of weather instruments that was made for people like him, who feel this connection to the natural world around them. A brand with products that were powerful enough to record the strongest of winds and the fiercest of storms, but lightweight and stylish enough to blend into our homes, our gardens and our lives. What challenges have you overcome since the company’s launch? With all businesses imitation is the highest form of flattery. It often feels like others are trying to compete for space in the marketplace, which is why we place such a high value on our experienced staff and product design process. Tell us about your product offering. Where to begin? We offer equipment for rain, wind, sun, snow, moon, time, pressure and humidity. Our products are built from the ground up with the customer’s needs in mind. With a big portion of our staff being part of this bracket it gives us an inside scoop whilst allowing others who aren’t the usual target demographic to offer a diverse viewpoint. When creating products for our consumers we always make sure to think “does this product fit with our Green and Eco Objectives” and “how can we make this look stylish and on trend without cutting our values from the design”. Thankfully our team takes extra care whilst ensuring not to rush the launch of anything that doesn’t hit all of the checkmarks we place ourselves. For our customers, we would say you can always find high quality, great priced, creative products whatever the weather. What are your most popular products? I think our bestselling range of products would have to be our weather dials. They measure a wide range of weather parameters and are available in such an array of colours and styles that we really cater for everyone’s needs. Some of our customers are weather mad and have had a passion for the hobby for years, whereas we also find gardeners, surfers, sailors, farmers, hikers and even skydivers find a weather dial they’d love for their home. When you make a product like our dials it’s great to see that even the most extreme ends of our customer base can purchase the same item.