Gift Focus - Jan/Feb 2020 (Issue 117)

28 We’re seeing a continuation of the celestial trend with pops of neon against black. Zodiac products are prevalent too with books and – my favourite – a ‘stitch your own star-sign’ journal and pouch combo. Brass accents add a flash of gold to the trend. The self-expansion theme continues with books and games all aimed at helping us discover more about ourselves. Also of that ilk, motivational planners such as MiGoals are a best-seller for us at Papersmiths. Personalisation is still popular with consumers. We’ve brought in neon and glitter leather initial stickers that customers can decorate their journal with. Sidonie Warren Founder, Papersmiths The giftware industry is no stranger to change and we’ve seen giftware producers and manufacturers adapt over the years to the changing trends in the market, such as introducing ethical products, recycled materials and sustainable gifts. We’ve also seen them change internally. Consumers have spoken with their buying patterns and it’s no longer deemed acceptable to buy the same plastic toys and products that they know will end up in landfill in a few years, they want products built with quality materials that will last, and products that have a story behind them, where the companies give back to charity or have outreach projects in their local communities, these are the companies that will capture the consumers heart in the buying process. The trends we’ve noticed in our industry is the amount of companies that have adapted to this change. We’ve seen through our Gift of the Year competition more and more products that are thinking about their ethos and projected image as well as the quality products they produce, for example we have companies that give a share of their profits to local charities to educate future generations, and have companies using a work force of previously un-hirable staff. I think this trend of giving back whilst making quality, lasting products will carry on throughout the year, and well into the future, as the world becomes a more socially conscious place. These Squelch Wellies (pictured) donate 10 per cent of profits to Trussell Trust, a charity specialsing in Food Banks. Tilnar Art specialises in handmade, fair-trade and ethical gifts; and Norfolk Industries has 100 per cent recycled pet products using a primarily disabled and visually impaired workforce. Sarah Ward Chief executive, The Giftware Association We at Groovy UK predict gold, animal print and bum bags for 2020! With the slump in the market and politics bringing us all down, what the world really needs is a bit of bling and sparkle with a heavy dose of animal thrown in to cheer us all up. Gold really seems to be on trend for 2020 whether it be full on gold or just in the detail like an embossed monogram. The ’80s bum bag has also come back into fashion and we’re seeing these in varying different styles, sizes and interesting fabrications, like Groovy’s Harry Potter Marauders map bum bag, which is made from an innovative material called Tyvek, creating a truly one-of-a-kind product. With the new Wonder Woman 1984 film coming out next year, Groovy has extended its current WW range to include the new ‘1984’ inspiration with an iridescent bathrobe, slipper and bag collection. Bags include the on trend bum bag, backpack, purse, washbag and cosmetic bags. All come with custom made WW zip pulls and mini whip tassels. Monique Scott Managing director, Groovy UK Ltd.