Gift Focus - Jan/Feb 2020 (Issue 117)

27 TRENDS Last year I spoke about the developing trend for personalisation in jewellery. This has only intensified in 2019, with customers seeking one-of-a-kind and unusual designs that are truly bespoke. I see this as a two-tier trend for the jewellery sector: there’s the quick-fix daily twist, such as changing the clasp on a bracelet or adding a colourful charm to match a wardrobe choice, and the second tier is completely bespoke design that put the customer in the driving seat. Brands and manufacturers are seeing the benefits of targeting both tiers and creating ranges that artfully include customisable elements. The most successful give the impression of ‘the world’s your oyster,’ while working to a meticulous framework just beneath the surface. The second most vital trend in the jewellery trade is centred on sustainability, ethical sourcing and material origin. There’s a growing understanding among consumers that they share responsibility for people and planet, thus resulting in more considered purchases. Fairtrade metals, community give-back projects and recycled materials are all becoming part of the jewellery lexicon, but the smartest brands show evidence like pictures, behind-the-scenes videos, and accreditations (from the Responsible Jewellery Council, for example). Any sustainability promises must be authentic and deeply rooted within the culture of a jewellery business in order to be embraced by the consumer. Kirsty Broere Event director, Jewellery & Watch  Reflecting retail trends in your product line is a great way to make sure you’re capturing a wider audience. Following colours, patterns, textures, themes and characters are all key to you getting a good mix of products along with understanding how people engage with gifts, what they have in their homes and current technology. With all this in mind, next season will see many gifts that evoke emotion, sentimental presents are still thriving. Ceramic, pebbles and scrabble sentiments feature strongly in the gift world. Still very much in vogue for 2020 is the planter and succulent trend – large, small, with or without faux plants, this trend doesn’t seem to be going away. Anything from fun animal faces, village houses, camper vans and caravan planters. Although grey is still featuring in home decor trends and is still a best-selling colour, 2020 will see grey combined with some richer colours to brighten it up, colours such as navy, blush pink, ochre and orange. There’s also the introduction of warm earthy colours such as burnt orange, terracotta and ochre, these are teamed with natural materials such as clay planter pots textured with basket weave patterns. All things animal are still making appearances in the world of gift and décor, elephants, giraffes to sweet forest animals such as hedgehogs, even the humble donkey is having a moment. Whatever the mood of the country and retail, Brits still love to give a gift, send a sentiment and capture happy family memories. Laura Leigh Head of product development, Joe Davies The safari animal and oceanic creatures trend will continue to be very strong, with designers and artists developing new graphic approaches to the subject matter to keep it fresh. An earthy naturalism interpreted through a contemporary mindset reflects a strongly growing interest in protecting the environment, and this approach extends to the materials and manufacturing processes of the products themselves. With the summer Olympics coming up in Japan, all eyes will be on the rich artistic heritage and design sensibility of this culture. Eddie Clarke Licensing Manager, Museums & Galleries We support Fairtrade Gold Fairtrade Foundation registered jeweller. Valid 2019. Building a secure future for miners, their families and communities. Visit for more information J000482_Goldmith_Scheme_Materials_2019_Print.indd 3 11/03/2019 16:52