Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - March/April 2024

PERSONALISED MEMENTO COMPANY E: Personalised Memento Company (PMC) has a huge choice of gifts for Father’s Day, including mugs, keepsakes and sport related products. Each one is fully personalised, simply add your own message to create a heartfelt gift that will be treasured year after year, adding a personal touch this Father’s Day. PMC’s 20 years in the industry make the company the goto solution for all things personalised – from occasion gifts, milestone birthdays, or just simple gifts to show someone you’re thinking of them. Head over to the website to register for free and see the full range of products. STOCKWELL CERAMICS For your perfect Father’s Day Gift check out Stockwell Ceramics where you’ll find many excellent options. This Cornish-based crafts company produces high quality ranges of handmade ceramic cufflinks using iconic designs from the arts and crafts movement including those of William Morris, William De Morgan and some stunning imagery from the Warner Textile Archive. They also create many beautiful buttons, all of which are perfect for gifting. ARTIFICIAL INK Celebrate Father’s Day with the enchanting Father Chimp Motorbike Father’s Day Greeting Card. This captivating photorealistic card beautifully illustrates the adventurous spirit of fatherhood. It features a daring chimp father on a motorbike, a symbol of fun and excitement, with an awestruck baby chimp in tow, embodying children’s admiration for their fathers. The humorous addition of a slightly horrified mother chimp adds a playful touch, highlighting the dynamic and balancing act of parenting roles. Set against a backdrop of a dusty industrial road, the card not only captures the essence of fatherly love and bravery but also the journey and potential of fatherhood. Its detailed artwork and engaging theme make it an excellent choice for Father’s Day, ideal for product selections. THE ENGLISH SOAP COMPANY The English Soap Company is proud to announce the latest addition to its Occasions Collection – the exquisite Occasions Heart Guest Soaps. This newly unveiled range, featuring eight beautifully crafted heart-shaped guest soaps, is a celebration of life’s precious moments. Encapsulated in the theme, they are; “Little Moments for Big Occasions.” Each soap in this collection is delicately encased in an artistically designed gift box, adorned with elegant gold foiling. These boxes are not just containers; they are a testament to the warmth and thoughtfulness that this collection represents. They carry special, heartfelt messages such as ‘You are my Sunshine’, ‘Best Dad Ever’, and ‘Thank You’, among others. These phrases are not just words; they are expressions of love, gratitude, and celebration, making these soaps more than just a cleansing product - they are a token of appreciation and sentiment. 70