Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - March/April 2024

COCOBA CHOCOLATE Artisan Chocolatier Cocoba Chocolate was launched in 2012, with founder Darren Litton’s mission to bring exquisite real hot chocolate drinks and exceptionally good chocolate confectionery to the British market, and further afield, at accessible prices. The concept for the chocolate brand started with a memory. Darren, Cocoba’s founder and chief chocoholic, grew up in Australia sharing delicious hot chocolates with his grandfather that he carefully made, not from powder, but using real, premium chocolate. When Darren came to the UK, he couldn’t find a chocolate drink that matched the one from his childhood, and so he decided to create it. Today the same love and care his grandfather put into his hot chocolate can be found in every one of Cocoba’s products. ANCIENT WISDOM Discover the enchanting world of tea like never before with Ancient Wisdom, where the company brings you a perfect selection of wholesale artisan tea, crafted with passion and precision. The teas are more than just drink, they’re a celebration of culture, a moment of tranquillity, and a testament to the art of tea-making. Sourced directly from the most revered tea gardens, Ancient Wisdom artisan teas are hand-picked and precisely processed to ensure that every leaf tells a story. Experience the rich flavors, aromatic bliss, and the pure, unadulterated goodness of tea in its finest form. Ancient Wisdom takes pride in its sustainable practices, supporting small-scale tea farmers and ensuring that every product it offers is of the highest quality. By choosing Ancient Wisdom, you’re choosing a brand that stands for excellence, sustainability, and a love for the art of tea. Food for the soul Luxury food and drink products are a fail-safe gifting option loved by consumers of all generations. Check out these options… HIVE AND KEEPER E: Hive and Keeper presents the British Honey Lover’s Gift Set. Two jars of 224g limitededition British honey come nestled in Yorkshire hay, with information telling you about the beekeepers behind each honey. The company also pops in a card telling people how to taste their honey, because “the real fun is discovering how different every single honey tastes – it blows people’s minds!” According to the company: “Our honeys are limited editions with their own unique character which is influenced by where and when the bees made it. Each comes from a single apiary and in a single harvest, so they’re all different, like a photo that captures a moment in time reflecting the weather, flowers, landscape and bees that made the honey. We keep the honey as close to how the bees made it as possible, just spinning it from the frame, running it through a sieve and then jarring it – nothing added, no blending, no over-heating. “We write the beekeeper’s name and how many jars of that honey were produced on the side of each jar. We add the place where the honey is from and whether the bees were kept in a garden, allotment, woodland, orchards or by fields. Our limited-edition collections produce only 70-450 jars per honey, making each spoonful a rare and exclusive treat. “Hive & Keeper keep it natural and British, which means everything is sourced from, and made in the UK by beekeepers, artisans and heritage industries, as the company believes it’s important to simplify the supply chain and to tread on the planet as lightly as we can. “Our gift sets are popular as they make an unusual gift, are environmentally friendly and support small scale British beekeepers. We’re very proud of our 4.9/5 Feefo rating and of the many wonderful reviews about our honeys,” it says. THE BOTTLED BAKING CO The Bottled Baking Co was born out of a love for high quality family baking. Greg Fraser developed the idea and every single recipe in his kitchen at home back in 2016. He still develops all of the new products at home alongside his little one and everyone in his street gets to sample the new ideas too. Each and every single one of the products is still handmade in Yorkshire using high quality ingredients and packed in to the company’s signature reusable glass bottles, just as they were when Greg made them at home. Now stocked in hundreds of independent retailers across the UK from farm shops, deli’s, garden centres and gift shops through to a select range available at John Lewis, Selfridges, Fenwick and Ocado. 65 FOOD & DRINK GIFTING