Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - March/April 2024

THE ENGLISH SOAP COMPANY The English Soap Company is proud to announce the latest addition to its Occasions Collection – the exquisite Occasions Heart Guest Soaps. This newly unveiled range, featuring eight beautifully crafted heart-shaped guest soaps, is a celebration of life’s precious moments. Encapsulated in the theme, they are; “Little Moments for Big Occasions.” Each soap in this collection is delicately encased in an artistically designed gift box, adorned with elegant gold foiling. These boxes are not just containers; they are a testament to the warmth and thoughtfulness that this collection represents. They carry special, heartfelt messages such as ‘You are my Sunshine’, ‘Best Dad Ever’, and ‘Thank You’, among others. These phrases are not just words; they are expressions of love, gratitude, and celebration, making these soaps more than just a cleansing product - they are a token of appreciation and sentiment. Continuing with the proud tradition of The English Soap Company, these soaps are an homage to British craftsmanship, proudly bearing the tag ‘Made in England’. This not only ensures the highest quality but also supports local industry and sustainability. The company’s dedication to producing superior toiletry products is evident in every aspect of these soaps - from their rich, moisturising properties to their delightful fragrances. Remarkably priced to cater to a wide audience, the Occasions Heart Guest Soaps Collection is accessible for all ages. It offers an opportunity for children to use their pocket money in a meaningful way, showing appreciation for their dads, or anyone they admire, with a charming and practical gift. Likewise, it allows customers of all ages to convey their feelings towards friends and loved ones through these small yet powerful tokens of love and appreciation. In essence, these soaps are more than just a product; they are a celebratory gift, a tribute to craftsmanship, and a symbol of the little moments that make our big occasions truly special. ARTIFICIAL INK Enjoy the unmissable and adorable charm of London with the Puppy Corgi Tourist Greeting Card, a delightful addition to the Made in Britain collection. A creation perfect for collectors and tourists alike. This card features a charming, photo-realistic depiction of an adorable Corgi puppy in front of the iconic London Bridge, blending quintessential British humour and tradition. Its vibrant colours and meticulous detail make it an ideal keepsake, appealing to Corgi enthusiasts and those fond of London’s landmarks. Perfect for gifts and souvenirs, this card is a wonderful choice for anyone looking to capture the essence of London, making it a standout selection for product ranges. STUDIO KULILK E: Studio Kulilk has proclaimed 2024 as its tile obsession year and invites fellow art enthusiasts to share in its passion for artistic exploration. The company’s belief extends beyond tile decoration; inspired by Auguste Rodin’s notion of the undiscovered artist within, it encourages everyone to delve into their artistic selves with fervor and fixation. To Studio Kulilk, ceramic tiles signify more than squares; they symbolize infinite possibilities, endless discoveries, and the essence of art. In 2024, the company is poised to push the boundaries of creativity using tiles, identifying its customers as art lovers and committing to continuous technique refinement. Drawing from traditional print methods, Studio Kulilk approaches tiles by deconstructing designs into puzzle-like elements, offering a fresh perspective on the conventional tile concept. The company foresees 2024 as a thrilling inception of a future brimming with possibilities. The production hub is in London, specialising in ceramic tiles. By affixing cork to the back of tiles, Studio Kulilk transforms them into coasters and table decor, empowering art lovers to personalise their secret spaces. The product, meticulously crafted over approximately three years, secured the Best New Craft Award in 2024 at Top Drawer Retail Fair. CORINNE LAPIERRE T: +44 (0)113 246 0403 E: Like a burst of summer brightness, this gorgeous Hummingbird from Corinne Lapierre will bring sunshine and a touch of the tropics to any room, car or caravan! It could even be hung from a lush (but robust) plant as if just flown in from paradise. Exotic as they sometimes are, all Corinne Lapierre’s award-winning felt craft kits are hand assembled in Britain by a dedicated & passionate team. Not only are the very best materials used, like the soft wool mix felt in luscious colours, but components are sourced in the UK where possible. The demand for high quality and sustainably made products is steadily increasing in the UK and abroad and is strongly contributing to Corinne Lapierre’s appeal and success. As ever, everything you need to complete the Hummingbird is in the box, including wool mix felt, DMC thread, a needle, toy filling and ribbon. Full scale templates and instructions are very clear and there is a stitch guide for extra support. The kits appeal to crafters of all abilities, including those just starting out, and anyone looking for an imaginative gift. 62