Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - March/April 2024

PURBECK CANDLES We all need a little self-care, a treat to lift the spirits, a moment for us. Gifts that give more than just a moment of pleasure but become part of a bigger experience and when money is tight those treats become all the more important. We can justify something small but the gratification needs to far out-way the price. The dopamine hit from a bar of chocolate or the Olfactory high from the smell of a beautiful candle that can trigger a feeling of calm, wellbeing or a wonderful memory. These little moments that we create for ourselves or for others can literally help us through difficult times. So this spring Purbeck Candles is focussing on essential oil blends that create memories and strong feelings, when you can’t justify the price of a Spa Day the company offers its Spa Days range, conjuring the scent of a luxury treatment room. Light the candle, run a bath, layback and just breath, feel the tension of the day melt away. If a spa isn’t your thing then the Lazy Sunday Afternoon scent is warming, relaxing and indicative of a relaxing Sunday. NORFOLK NATURAL LIVING Norfolk Natural Living is slow-luxury home care and wellbeing brand, designed to bring a little beauty and even pleasure to our daily rituals. As an aromatherapist, Founder Bella Middleton has always been fascinated with the benefits plants can have on our wellbeing. “Which is why I have put nature and craftsmanship at the core of Norfolk Natural Living,” she says. LIFESTYLE HOME COLLECTION Established in 2009, Lifestyle Interiors specialises in styling show homes for large-scale property developers such as Barratt Developments, Gleeson Homes, Castle Green Homes and Hayfield Homes. Managing Director, Gemma Schofield, found that using other retailers within the showhomes the scents quickly evaporated and were small and not functional, identifying a gap in the market Gemma has now launched “Lifestyle Home Collection” and their debut oversized reed diffusers. With black fibre reeds, that don’t discolour and transmit the scent for longer, and in statement recyclable glass bottles, when fully assembled, and placed on the stylish accompanying tray, the reed diffuser stands impressively at just under 60cm tall. The natural materials and oversized stature mean the diffusers are visually stunning in design and striking centrepieces in any room. With the continuing rise of wellness and self-care, consumers are looking for functional fragrances that create a balanced, harmonious sanctuary - so the fragrances are a mixture of woody earth tones, fragrant florals and energy-restoration citrus bursts. White Musk: Creamy Vanilla & Musk Sable Onyx: Bergamot, Lemon, Pink Pepper & Elemi Amber Fie: Bergamont, Agardwood, Rose, Violet Flower & Sandalwood The scents are oil-based, meaning they are purposely designed to last longer - a USP Gemma felt passionate about. She wanted buyers to fully immerse themselves in the opulent scents of the handcrafted designs to elevate their space with exquisite long-lasting fragrances. Gemma said: “We’ve taken our industry expertise and shaped it into the form of high-quality and long-lasting home fragrances, I know how much scents can affect mood, concentration and emotions, so we’re extremely excited to launch the Lifestyle Home Collection and see the reed diffusers centre stage in homes across the UK.” GISELA GRAHAM Gisela Graham entered the booming candle business three years ago. The focus is small, stubby boxed candles. Graham has used her design skills to package them in floral motifs, echoing the fragrance, and very displayable. Handily priced at £7.99 and £12.99m, Graham’s boxed candles are a natural for pick-up gifts. Alongside this she offers a broad traditional range: boxed dinner taper candles, chunky coloured sitabouts, seasonal ranges to add to her famous Christmas and Spring/Easter. All are complemented with a moody range of fragrances and diffusers. 51 CANDLES & HOME FRAGRANCES