Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - March/April 2024

PERSONALISED MEMENTO COMPANY E: Personalised Memento Company has a large selection of personalised candles that make a great gift for all occasions, including this beautiful amber scented candle jar. Adorned with an elegant design and finished with any personalisation, this vanilla scented candle creates a lovely gift that makes a wonderful addition to any home. Visit PMC’s trade website today to see the full range of gifts available. F e ent The best candles and home fragrance products WILLIAM MORRIS AT HOME William Morris At Home combined artistry with aromatics in the spirit of William Morris: introducing the Scented Wax Tablets designed to fill drawers, wardrobes and cupboards with fragrance. Featuring the signature Patchouli & Red Berry fragrance the scented wax tablets are infused with grounding patchouli essential oil, red berry and cardamom notes. Made from a mineral soya wax blend, the wax tablets are tissue-wrapped and packaged in a gift box featuring the iconic Strawberry Thief print. They are cruelty-free and vegan friendly. CANDLE SHACK Candle-making is one of Britain’s fastest growing crafts – with more people taking up the craft every day. It can be difficult to know where to start, but thankfully there are products and platforms available to streamline the process and ignite your candle-making journey. Enter Candle Shack’s Standard Starter Kit (£33.33-£40) – a fool-proof system for getting started that includes supporting online video tutorials. It comes with fragrances Peony & Blush Suede and Rocksalt & Driftwood, and you’ll just need kitchen scales, a thermometer, and a 1L microwavable jug. PDF guides and tailored videos can walk you through the stepby-step process of making candles and working the equipment. The Premium Starter Kit (£124.99-£149.99), comes with everything you need to make 12 gorgeous candles with key equipment that you’ll be able to use again and again. It’s a full candle-making studio, right in your own home. The kit contains US 464, one of the industry’s favourite plantbased waxes to help you make sustainable candles, and Chandler & Me Candle Maker Plus +. Candle Shack’s customer favourite fragrances are also included in the package: The Temptress, Pandora’s Box, The Dark Masquerade and Mojave Desert. MEG HAWKINS E: Meg Hawkins Ltd launched its new home fragrance collection at Spring Fair, which features a new on-trend vessel design and comes in a variety of earthy, trending colours for 2024. The whole collection has been devised to tell a story, beautiful transferred to retail and the consumer. The luxury, sustainable packaging features Meg’s watercolour artwork and starts the story of the fragrance which is then continued on the label free glass vessel, set to be a statement piece in any home. COTSWOLD FAYRE T: +44(0)3452 606060 Cotswold Fayre supply home fragrances and candles that not only smell amazing but also do good for the environment and the society. The range of handcrafted candles from The Recycled Candle Company not only provide an incredible fragrance experience but also promote sustainability by breathing new life into discarded wax. Every flame tells a story of recycling and transforming into a new candle scent. Cotswold Fayre supplier Labre’s Hope is an ethically handcrafted soap and candle manufacturer whose profits are reinvested back into the organization to further their social mission. Add a touch of goodness to your home with the range of home fragrances and candles. 47 CANDLES & HOME FRAGRANCES