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25 BOOK REVIEWS MY AMAZING ADHD BRAIN Author: Emily Snape Format: Paperback ISBN: 978-17384231-2-5 A beautifully illustrated, positive picture book exploring ADHD for kids aged 4+. Contains: crazy inventions, stinky socks, a colourful collection of monsters and some superslimy mud pie! Pip is a confident little monster who has ADHD. In this book, they enthusiastically share what that means for them and how it has some really brilliant benefits. Pip also discusses things they can find tricky, and how they are learning to control their impulses and be more mindful and organized so they can spend more time having lots of fun! My Amazing ADHD Brain is packed with reassuring words, practical advice and skill-building activity ideas, and has a fun, relatable voice. HOW THE ROSE GOT ITS THORN Author: Dr Andrew Ormerod RRP: £ 22.00 Format: Hardback Have you ever wondered why the rose has thorns and other flowers don’t; why the daffodil is the colour it is; or why some plants have shiny leaves and others matt? How The Rose Got its Thorns reveals the inner workings of our favourite flowers and trees. Designed to help gardeners, both novice and experienced, better understand how plants grow, the book is easy to navigate - it is divided into 50 chapters, each one a story. Accompanied by specially commissioned colour illustrations, each chapter explains the science behind how plants work and the extraordinary processes they have evolved: such as protecting themselves from predators using chemicals; attracting pollinators using scent, shape and colour; growing in low or high temperatures; their relationship with the wind; the size and pattern of their leaves; the distribution of their seeds and survival strategies; their relationship with insects; how they allocate their resources; and how they retain water efficiently. This delightful and intriguing book offers readers an accessible way to better understand how our plants evolved into the species of today. Dr Andrew Ormerod is a botanist who holds an honours degree in Agricultural Botany and a doctorate in Plant Breeding. He has held positions at Reading University and Unilever Research and is Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Kent. He worked at the Eden Project for 15 years, from when it first opened in 1998, and where he was involved in plant procurement for the exhibits. He regularly lectures, gives tours and is the author of the successful plant blog, Cornucopiaalchemy. PRIDE POWER : THE YOUNG PERSON’S GUIDE TO LGBTQ+ Author: Harriet Dyer RRP: £10.99 ISBN: 9781837990115 This guide is for young people aged 11+ to introduce them to the power of Pride and the LGBTQIA+ community Pride has different meanings for different people. It can be about protesting for equal rights for everyone, a celebration of our differences and identities, and a way of finding your tribe and a supportive community that values you and accepts you wholeheartedly. Pride Power is a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community and will help you to navigate pronouns and key terms, learn about the fascinating history of Pride and modern queer culture, highlighting game-changers and unsung heroes alike, from Marsha P. Johnson to Nick and Charlie in Heartstopper. HERBAL MAGIC: A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO THE MAGICAL POWER OF PLANTS Author: Lydia Levine RRP: £9.99 ISBN: 9781837991297 Step into the enchanting world of herbal recipes, remedies and rituals with this spellbinding guide to the magical power of plants Including a variety of crafts, spells and rituals, this treasury of herb profiles is the perfect introduction to harnessing the infinite natural energies at your disposal. Complete with spells for every day and occasion - from cleansing and healing to divination and prosperity - within these pages you will also discover: • The ancient relationship between herbalism and witchcraft • The benefits of inviting herbal magic into your life, including reflection, self-care and self-discovery • How to incorporate herbs into your practice to enhance your spell experience • How to forage or grow herbs like the apothecaries and herbalists of the past