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30 Owen Campbell, Operations Director at Kura, the UK’s largest independent outsourcer of customer service solutions, shares the three services your small business should be outsourcing Outsourcing is a common practice for many businesses that need an extra helping hand and expertise when it comes to certain business activities – and SMEs are no different. In fact, over one-third of SMEs actually outsource some form of activity. Owen Campbell, Operations Director at Kura, says: “Any business, whether an established company or a startup just getting into their industry, can benefit from outsourcing. It not only helps manage workloads better, but it can ensure that all businesses have the right expertise and people in place to provide high-quality services. This can be especially useful for SMEs who don’t have the time and resources to create whole teams within their business structure.” But what can SMEs outsource, and what benefit does it have for their business? CUSTOMER SERVICE Happy customers are crucial for any business. In fact, according to a survey, the Customer Satisfaction Index sits at 77.7 out of 100, showing a drop in customer satisfaction levels across the year – with five sectors dropping at least one point. The current struggles in customer service could result in the loss of customer loyalty, with more customers wanting to stay with brands they have good experiences with. So, putting additional effort into your customer service is essential to ensure that your business isn’t falling behind the competition or losing customers. Solutions can include call centre outsourcing, to ensure that you’re managing all calls, even during ramp periods such as Christmas, without delay. Seasonal demands can put a lot of pressure on any SME. It is important to recognise the uplift in work early and gain the support of a trusted outsourcer during this time. Not only can their workforce help ease some of the stress of the season, but also their expertise can comfortably manage the demands and expectations of customers during this busy period. Finding a partner who are experts in customer experience means that you can meet KPI delivery every time. Owen says: “For small businesses, managing an influx of calls can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the resources and people in place to manage it. Outsourcing your customer experience activity can not only ensure that you’ve got expertise in place to manage difficult and sensitive conversations with empathy, but a trusted outsourcing partner can also streamline all customer communications using an omnichannel solution to bring together your social media, email, telecommunications, and more. Investing in outsourcing CX experts can improve the quality of your interactions with your customers – even during seasonal demand ramp periods.” SALES Efficient sales strategies are essential for improving the revenue OUTSOURCING OPPORTUNITIES