Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - March/April 2024

Limetree Design Limetree Design jewellery is designed by the company in its Nottinghamshire studio. The original pieces are also sculpted and then cast at the studio. Once the company is happy with the original it goes out for production casting in small workshops in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Limetree Design also work with a specialised skilled studio in Jaipur, who do the semi-precious stonework. BasketBasket BasketBasket is a family-run business based in north east Hampshire. Having lived in France, owner Virginia fell in love with baskets but could never find them in the UK. The company started selling a small selection of the traditional French style market baskets in January 2007 and went on to expand the range with the launch of BasketBasket in October 2008. The primary aim was to offer an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic shopping bag, as all the baskets are made with natural and sustainable materials. Since then the range has expanded exponentially to include a vast array of styles and colours for all tastes and innumerable uses. Original Duckhead Original Duckhead is partnering with Parisian accessories brand Coucou Suzette for Spring 2024, and is set to launch a series of umbrellas emblazoned with three exclusive designs featuring dog prints of French Bulldogs, Dachshunds and Corgis, just in time for the Spring showers. Coucou Suzette was created in 2016, in Paris, by illustrator and jewellery designer Juliette Mallet. Juliette’s wonderful world is light and fun, and her vibrant original creations are inspired by comic books and 60’s new wave French cinema. Her effortlessly cool and creative accessories infuse a pop of colour and splash of joy into everyday life! As we all know, an umbrella truly is the must-have accessory you don’t realise you need until the heavens open - and in the UK, this can be at any given moment throughout the year; so with these stylish new eco-friendly conversation starters, Original Duckhead has got you covered. Cambridge Satchel Introducting Cambridge Satchel’s new collection, Fruit Drop. A delicious duo that will add a burst of colour to any outfit this spring. Choose from the bright, zingy orangeade in a celtic grain texture, to deep and vibrant Blueberry embellished with a crosshatch saffiano patter. SPRING THEMED ACCESSORIES 25