Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - March/April 2023

CLASSIC CANES T: (0)1460 75686 Walking stick specialists Classic Canes stock a host of walking sticks, seat sticks and umbrellas that make perfect Father’s Day gifts. “Men like practical presents so a hiking staff, trekking pole, seat stick or umbrella is a perfect option,” explains Managing Director Charlotte Gillan. “A folding seat stick for example is a great gift that fathers can keep in the boots of their cars ready for picnics, birdwatching, rugby matches or game fairs. Tough and resilient, these make thoughtful presents that will last for years.” The Classic Canes range included hundreds of traditional and contemporary models suitable for men, so there is a stick for every type of father. CINNAMON AITCH T: (0)121 773 6833 Greeting card company Cinnamon Aitch once again has the perfect pick of cards and accompanying gifts for Father’s Day. Extending the bestselling ‘Margo Loves’ range, simple and graphic images of dogs, cats and the occasional sheep are illustrated on this contemporary range for Dads. Each card is printed on heavyweight 350g FSC board, printed in the UK and supplied with a recyclable envelope. To complement the range sits a contemporary offering of the company’s environmentally kind, handmade soap. Made by hand in the UK the soap contains no harsh chemicals or plastic throughout. Each bar is wrapped with a paper band in a co-ordinating design, tied with jute and finished with a recycled tag and bespoke wooden star. MAD BEAUTY T: + 44 (0)208 958 0555 This Batman Gotham City Skyline Gift Set bathing gift set opens up to feature four individual tower blocks and includes a washcloth and full-size face mask, body wash and hair conditioner. 46