Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - January/February 2023

71 COMPANY PROFILE Our strengths are in occasions, wedding, baby, ages and relations as well as seasonal. We cover lots of titles that many publishers don’t carry so our stockists know they can come to us to fulfil the needs of their customers. Have any styles taken you by surprise with their popularity? I don’t think any styles have necessarily taken us by surprise but the occasional title or a specific drawing has really flown. For example, a type of flower that we hadn’t realised was so popular or the wording on a card to or from a pet! How do you keep your designs fresh and current? Do you follow trends? Stacey’s degree was related to Interior Design, and she often looks for inspiration there. She has two stacks of Elle Decoration in the studio that are taller than Jude – Jude is only 5ft, but that’s still a lot of Elle Decoration magazines! We also take a lot of inspiration from our environment, we have a lot of floral designs and visits to botanical gardens are a must! What sets you apart from your competitors? In this industry your designs are what make you unique but as well as that we also have a close relationship with our independent retailers. We fulfil our orders inhouse and customers know that we will bend over backwards to meet their needs. We ship most orders the same day, sometimes throwing tasty treats in, we listen to requests of unique titles