Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - January/February 2023

66 ECO FRIENDLY CARDS Tel: +44 (0)1626 369 269 to reduce waste for short-run items, we will also print cards digitally on an indigo press powered by Green Energy. You can recycle it... We ensure that everything we make can be easily recycled, so we don’t use foil, flitter, glitter or plastic-based laminates on our stock products. Compostable bags... We became the first card company to use compostable bags back in 2006. Every bag we use is made from corn starch, and is certified as compostable (standard EN13432). Customers also can choose to have their cards with card-clasp labels, and about 50% of our orders now go without bags. Made in the UK... It would have been easy to manufacture our products half way around the world to increase profits... but at what environmental cost? We live in the UK, as do most of our customers, so we have always printed and manufactured everything we make in the United Kingdom. Green energy... All of our offices are powered by Green Energy. Our cards have also been printed on presses that are powered by Green Energy. Carbon Zero... We offset our carbon emissions via CO2 Balence and their African stove project - which is also great for the local communities.www. Carbon Balanced Paper – the emissions associated with the paper used in all our products, brochures and flyers has all been off-set through the World Land Trust. How are you finding the current climate in the UK? Is it affecting business? We’ve just had a really good 2022. We only supply independent retailers (no supermarkets etc) and we’re feeling pretty positive about 2023! Are you active on social media? How is this important for the business? Yes, but we tend to get more engagement from members of the public who like our products, than B2B. It’s always great to see what our indies are up to and to be able to share their news with our followers. What can we expect in the future from the company? With such a fantastic array of artists we work with I expect more and more beautiful cards and stationery! If you would like to add questions, please do. or if there’s something you’d like to shout about add anything on to the end! Our new 2023 Art Cards brochure has just been published and we’d love retailers to contact us for a free copy!