Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - January/February 2023

37 SPRING FAIR PREVIEW Seminar Programme The Inspiring Retail Stage is located in Hall 6 and your visit will not be complete before taking a seat and be inspired by leading industry professionals and rising stars that will share with you exclusive market intelligence, insights and valuable take aways for your business. Recharge your know how, build awareness of critical themes and connect with the sector leaders. 05 FEB 2023 06 FEB 2023 11:00 12:00 Do you know which key numbers will help you grow your business? Five Crucial Figures You Need to Know to Boost Your Business In 2023 Inspiring Retail Stage These are the crucial figures that help you quickly understand the health of your business, predict and avoid problems and plan for growth. CATHERINE ERDLY Catherine Erdly, Founder - The Resilient Retail Club| Forbes Contributor 12:10 13:00 How To Win In The Metaverse Inspiring Retail Stage The metaverse has been one of the 2022’s hot topics for designers - and interest will only continue to grow in 2023. Tom Puukko, founder of Superdwell, the architecture & interior design community for the metaverse, will delve into the myths, truths and opportunities of this exciting new space. The presentation will cover: • Understanding what the metaverse, virtual reality and alternate reality are: and how they all connect • Latest trends & growth data • Case studies and use cases for the designers & creative brands • Easy steps you can take to win in the metaverse TOM PUUKKO Tom Puukko, Founder - Superdwell 13:20 14:20 Delivering The Sustainability Message: Reaching Buyers, Retailers, And Consumers Inspiring Retail Stage Made in Britain brings together a stellar panel of speakers from leading British manufacturers to examine the latest innovations in sustainability messaging, as businesses step up to the increased demand from buyers, retailers and consumers for information about the environmental impact of goods. JOHN PEARCE John Pearce, CEO - Made in Britain Association PETRA PALUMBO Petra Palumbo, Founder - Petra Palumbo WARREN GEL Warren Gel, Global Commercial Director - Dartington Crystal EMMA HEATHCOTE-JAMES Emma Heathcote-James, Founder - Little Soap Company 15:45 16:45 The Future of Retail: Marketplace Selling Inspiring Retail Stage A unique insight into the growth of marketplaces, how third-party sellers are leveraging marketplaces to grow faster than Amazon’s own retail brand, and why retailers need marketplace presence to survive and thrive long-term. DOMINIC PORTMAN Dominic Portman, Founder - Boulevard 17:00 18:00 Good Retail Awards Inspiring Retail Stage You’re all invited! Join us for a drink and celebrate the winners of the Good Retail Awards! ROB GAMAGE Rob Gamage, Managing Director - Modern Retail 11:00 12:00 Retail State of Play: Market Overview Inspiring Retail Stage Join this session as Retail Expert Jonathan de Mello walks us through key market insight into the current retail landscape. The session will cover: JONATHAN DE MELLO Jonathan de Mello, Retail Expert, Founder & CEO - JDM Retail 12:10 13:10 Trend Update: 2024 Home and Lifestyle Trends Inspiring Retail Stage The cataclysmic changes we’ve seen – a clash between dramatic changes in technology, the economy, society, and the environment will impact home life as it needs to do and be so much more for the modern householder. Home is the place to heal, escape, deal with the realities of domestic life, and helps us shape our many fragmented moods and mindsets. Join this must-see trend presentation with TrendBible to uncover how these householder behaviours and lifestyle choices are set to underpin product and design trends for the home over the next 12 months and beyond. WENDY LOWE Wendy Lowe, Trend Editor - TrendBible 13:30 14:15 Delivering Sustainably – How Ecommerce Supply Chains Can Make the Difference Inspiring Retail Stage This session highlights the scale of the ecommerce delivery network and shows retailers how to minimise the impact of their supply chains on the planet. JOSH PITMAN Josh Pitman, Managing Director - Priory Direct- Planet Friendly Package 14:30 15:30 How a Positive Mindset Can Help you to Grow Your Business with Confidence Inspiring Retail Stage As a business owner, one of your most valuable assets is your mindset however it is often the thing that busy business owners overlook. Being able to nurture a positive perspective can be the difference between your business thriving or stalling. This honest panel discussion led by awardwinning business coach, Roo Davies, will be full of real talk and will explore: ROO DAVIES Roo Davies, Founder - The Mojo Coach BEX VEASEY Bex Veasey, Co-founder - South of the River BEKKI MICHAEL Bekki Michael, Founder - Nephele Bags 15:45 16:45 How to Sell on TikTok Inspiring Retail Stage TikTok is a great free tool to sell your products and connect with your customers and if you're new to the platform it can be challenging to know how to leverage it and show up and sell. It's easy to worry about coming across as pushy or spammy, but to make the most of the platform you need to show up consistently. THERESE OERTENBLAD Therese Oertenblad, Founder - Small Business Collaborative ELIZABETH STILES Elizabeth Stiles, Fashion & Textiles Brand Consultant