Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - January/February 2023

36 mined materials, charitable, or made to order. Why is being an online store so important? Being an online store means that the jewellers that stock with me can access a wider customer base. SEO is really important and focusing on this in my website has meant that I’ve been able to reach customers all over the world, from Austria to the US, and Portugal to Australia. If I was purely brick and mortar, these customers never would have found me or my jewellers. Would you consider opening high street stores across the UK? Yes! This is a top objective. I really believe in the tactile experience of shopping in person and I know that it fosters a more emotional connection between customers and their purchase. However, with the current cost of living crisis I don’t think I will be pursuing it in the next year or so. I am hoping to host at least one pop up in 2023–watch this space! What has been your standout moment since launching, and why? My first piece of press in a national newspaper was definitely a standout moment. It was very emotional as I was just so pleased to be able to support small business jewellers in gaining this level of national coverage. The jeweller who was featured was also absolutely over the moon and we were able to celebrate together. Working closely with my jewellers and supporting them is what makes Pearls & Pomegranates such a rewarding venture for me. What advice would you give retailers looking to develop their online presence? Focusing on SEO is vital to being able to develop your online presence. I would advise prioritising this so that you can rank highly on search engines and reach customers. What are your plans for the future? Growing the number of jewellers on Pearls & Pomegranates consistently but sustainably is a key priority. I would like to stock at least 35 jewellers by the end of 2023. I’m keen to do this in a way that builds out my fine jewellery offering as I currently have a sizeable selection of demi-fine jewellery but less of a focus on solid gold designs and engagement rings. A longer term objective is to open a boutique where consumers can experience the amazing designs I stock in the flesh! PEARLS & POMEGRANATES