Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - January/February 2023

3 Looking ahead Hello and welcome to the first issue of Attire Accessories for 2023! While the January blues are definitely real, I am a rare anomaly that actually loves getting back into the thick of it. The Christmas decorations are stowed away for another year, the house given a once over and real life can once again resume! And while there is undoubtedly valid concerns within the industry given the current economic climate and cost of living crisis, the accessories market is one that has continually bucked any negative financial downturn. The lipstick effect most definitely works for our industry too, with consumers continuing to selfpurchase and gift smaller accessory items when the larger purchases are perhaps out of reach. To this end we are focusing on all the wonderful new products in our Brand Spanking New feature, and don’t forget to check out industry stalwart Earth Squared’s company profile – if you are looking for inspiration about how to remain relevant during turbulent time, here it is! We can’t wait to continue to bring you inspiring products, contents and business news throughout the next year and beyond. Please do get in touch if there is anything you’d like to see featured, or just a chat! Enjoy the issue. Editor Louise Prance @AttireAccessories @AttireAccessories @AttireAccMag On the cover Earth Squared EDITOR LOVES There’s nothing more impactful than a statement ring – and I love this offering from Jo Wood Jewellery ( Jo has teamed up with Natalia, the Founder of Pearls and Pomegranates, a retailer that we feature this issue on page 34. Check out the interview for more information. 7 INDUSTRY NEWS All the latest from the world of accessories 11 BRAND SPANKING NEW Latest launches and brand-new products 15 PURE LONDON PREVIEW Find out what’s to come at the show 19 MODA PREVIEW Show information for Moda 23 HARROGATE FASHION WEEK Find out all the must-have details at Harrogate Fashion Week 24 COMPANY PROFILE Find out about Earth Squared’s journey in the accessories market and what makes the company tick… 29 ONE STEP AT A TIME Summer shoes to stock 34 RETAILER INTERVIEW Discover more about retailer Pearls and Pomegranates, its stock offering and its thoughts on the future of the industry CONTENTS