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MADE IN BRITAIN APPOINTS THREE NEW NONEXECUTIVE BOARD DIRECTORS FROM MEMBER COMPANIES DARTINGTON CRYSTAL, TRENT REFRACTORIES, BEAVER BRIDGES Made in Britain, the trade association representing close to 2,000 SME manufacturing businesses across the UK, has appointed three new Non-Executive Directors to its board, as it marks 10 years of growth: Warren Gell, Global Global Commercial Director, Dartington Crystal; Katy Moss, Managing Director, Trent Refractories; Henry Beaver, Chief Executive Officer, Beaver Bridges. They join existing Made in Britain board members: Prof. Chris Harrop OBE, ESG Strategy Director, Marshalls plc (Chairman); Camilla Hadcock, Owner and Director, Roach Bridge Tissues; Peter Atmore, Head of Global Sales and Marketing, Fracino. Made in Britain members enjoy licensed use of the Made in Britain registered collective Mark, which shows clients, consumers and shippers that they can trust that a product is of truly British provenance and that it has been made to the highest manufacturing standards. Additionally, members receive support across exports, sales, marketing and PR via information services and events; feature in a searchable Product Directory used by consumers and procurement professionals to source British-made goods; and have free access to the organisation’s Green Growth sustainability programme developed specifically for manufacturers. Made in Britain Board Chairman Chris Harrop OBE said: “In the tenth year of the Made in Britain initiative, we are delighted to welcome to the board three outstanding individuals, who represent the innovation, ambition and resilience of the UK manufacturing sector today. The last decade has seen the Made in Britain Mark become a well known and well loved symbol of high quality and British provenance, and our organisation is committed to becoming a yet more influential voice for manufacturers in the years ahead.” ACID CEO DIDS MACDONALD OBE., WINS THE ENTERPRISE NATION LEGAL AWARD 2022 ACID has announced CEO Dids Macdonald has won the legal category in the UK Enterprise Nation Awards 2022. According to ACID: “It is a fantastic outcome for ACID and all designers as it further amplifies our combined voices for the importance of IP design law reform. “Dids has worked tirelessly over the last 25 years to raise awareness for issues within the landscape of intellectual property (IP) and the design industry. Her unique view of how IP works (and does not work) originates from her experience of being a designer. She understands and can personally empathise with designers and creatives. She knows how it feels to be copied firsthand and thus appreciates the tribulations facing designers to stand up for their IP rights. “Over the years, Dids, at the helm of ACID, has created a strong and supportive design community and constantly and continuously campaigned for design law reform. Through ACID’s benefit schemes, with the help of our legal affiliates, members have been supported to succeed against IP infringements, including successful mediations. Our ACID logo carries weight to it, to stamp the threat of deterrence against copycats and our ACID IP Databank ensures designers have 3rd party dated evidence. “Our successful campaigns are supported by industry leaders and listened to by the Government. Our influence is due to the recognition of our unique knowledge and support from our designers’ input, which we admire and appreciate. Dids Macdonald, OBE., CEO of ACID, said, “I’m delighted to be honoured by such a prestigious organisation. Enterprise Nation is such a great resource for SMEs. By ensuring that IP creators continually have the best possible practical tips and advice ensures IP as a positive force for growth. Paramount is the need for strong protection in, sadly, a world of copycats, so IP knowledge is strength!” “We would like to thank everyone who voted, we really appreciated your support. Also, a huge thank you to all our members and diverse creative designers who champion us and engage in our combined aims. The larger our community, the greater our voice is for positive change. “We have recently launched the ACID IP Charter to further the aims of a united design community, asking people and businesses to stand up for respect, ethics, and compliance in the design industry. If you’d like to become a signatory, you can sign here. In early 2023, Dids will be in talks with the Government for the 2023 Design Consultation. “We have asked for input from designers and created ACID’s Top Ten suggestions to propose IP reform to the IPO. Created by designers, for designers. A large element of such suggestions is aimed at cracking down on David vs Goliath situations in our continued fight for lone, micro, and SME support against the behemoths. You can view our Top Ten here. “If you would like to know more about how being a member of ACID can benefit and strengthen your IP strategy, you can take a look here, email or call our membership team on +44 (0)845 644 3617.” 12