Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - November/December 2022

77 MERCHANDISING display them, and customise them. They’re rethinking how they use photos to engage with shoppers. A primary imperative nowadays is speed. Retailers must shorten the time that any visual asset lives on their website. But this can be pretty challenging for retailers because it can take up to 10 weeks to organise a quality photoshoot—and that 10-week lead time can be eons in the lifespan of a product. Fashions can trend and end in the space of 10 weeks. “This means retailers need to be more agile to create visuals that move the sales needle. The good news is that there are now cutting-edge tools—SaaS visual content platforms—that make product merchandising easier than ever. Retailers can create and customise high-quality, infinitely adaptable visual content for all their products with just one click,” he says. The post-shoot era We are entering the post-shoot era, in which the creation of stunning product visuals no longer relies on costly, logisticsheavy, and carbon-intensive photoshoots. Instead, visual production is shifting to computer-generated 3D imagery, facilitating better performance and greater resource efficiencies. Alexander concludes, “This product image revolution, which starts on the merchant web page, is a transition that will impact all the touchpoints along the shopper’s journey, including social media content, advertising campaigns, email marketing, even in-store promotions. Every retailer must reimagine their product visualisation efforts to bring their inventory to life and delight every customer.”