Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - November/December 2022

Go green As the world becomes increasingly eco-conscious, sustainable and environmentallyfriendly products are a consumer favourite THEVWL Launched in 2021, TheVWL was born from a California-based collective of designers to create the ultimate elevated vegan fashion label. TheVWL aesthetic and design language is rooted in hybridization design, between sport and daily casual sophistication. They elevate the modern casual look, perfecting the balance of design and function to create the ultimate everyday sneaker & apparel collections. The collections embody the California lifestyle involved in wellness and sustainability: everyday key items, cool, comfortable, and respectful of the planet. TheVWL defines a new zone where urban codes and visual art are in open discussion: inventing concepts and imagining tomorrow for a new generation. TILNAR ART Tilnar Art is excited to be launching an entirely new range of keyrings, penguins, geckos, hippos, rhinos, tigers and cheetahs next year in 2023 to the popular AluminArk Collections, which were launched at Autumn Fair. The company’s customers have requested the new products, with Tilnar Art saying it’s great to go back to its roots with the animal sculptures. Tilnar Art has always been ahead of the curve with all of its collections being handmade, fairtrade and recycled, giving buyers a fabulous alternative given the current trend for consumers to move away from plastic items. Tilnar Art launched exciting new collections of eco friendly products to its range at Autumn Fair this year, which included a AluminArk Butterfly and Bee Collection. The fabulous AluminArk Collection which comprises of beautiful, Elephants, Giraffes, Highland Cows, Sheep and Stag sculptures is proving to be a fantastic seller. Each are made from recycled aluminium in the stunning Azeti Colours. As ever all Tilnar Art’s Collections are Fairtrade and handmade, recycled and recyclable making the perfect eco-friendly gift. 60