Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - November/December 2022

LESSER & PAVEY Henries 2022 winners for ‘Best Humorous Range’ Peartree Heybridge has teamed up with Lesser and Pavey to bring British artist Sarah Boddy’s illustrations to life using her ‘Camilla & Rose’ designs. These highly amusing designs feature two best friends Camilla & Rose covering a multitude of topics said to be close to a woman’s heart, such as chocolate, shoes, handbags, diets, wine, men to name just a few! GROOVY UK T: +44 (0)844 372 7820 E: Great gifts for under £10! Groovy’s wide range of keyrings are great gifting ideas for birthdays, Christmas or if you fancy one yourself! Debossed, painted enamel brings out fine detailing for a more sophisticated look or debossed rubber keyrings which are great value, all fabulously functional and great quality. View Groovy’s full ranges on the website and check out the new catalogue for 2023. Exclusive ranges can be designed for the buyer that wants something a little different (MOQ’s apply). 57 GIFTS UNDER £10 EXACLAIR T: +44 (0)1553 696 600 E: Décopatch Mini Kits are suitable for kids and adults alike and make a great introduction to the world of Décopatch. Décopatch is a very simple technique – tear the paper into small pieces, glue onto the object and repeat until the item is completely covered. The glue dries with a shiny finish, perfect for protecting the unique creation. Each kit contains one ready to decorate papier mâché shape, two sheets of decorative paper, one glue pot and a brush. There are a dozen different mini kits to choose from, including a unicorn, dachshund, dragon, dinosaur and teddy bear to name a few! Simple and original, these mini kits are an ideal rainy-day activity for children and parents. They offer an imaginative and enjoyable way for the family to spend time together and create their own unique masterpiece. The mini kits packaging design has recently been refreshed, with the box colour in harmony with the picture of the finished item, making the kits aesthetically pleasing to inspire crafters. To make the packaging eco-friendly the plastic film ‘window’ has been removed. All mini kits are set at a low minimum order quantity of just five units per design and they benefit from an attractive price point that makes them an ideal gifting item. The poplar eye-catching ‘Bunny’ FSDU is a great way to display the kits and its informative display header clearly shows the simple steps needed to create a unique item to treasure.