Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - November/December 2022

LESSER & PAVEY T: +44 (0)1322 279 225 E: Introducing Hearts Design Madelaine from Lesser and Pavey, with the help of Hearts Design studio, responsible for the super popular Mad Dots. This range has four titles of Love, Home, Friends, and Family. Every item features gold foiling and is embellished with the diamante bow. Each of the range titles has a fine mug, candle, diffuser, and wine glass. The mug, candle and diffuser are all packed in premium round lidded boxes. MAD BEAUTY T: +44 (0)208 958 0555 Inspired by the iconic duo’s eternal love story, our heart warming collection of adorable and uplifting bath, body and beauty gifts is the perfect feel-good way to gift sweethearts and loved ones or indulge in a little self-care me-time. PINTAIL CANDLES T:+44 (0)1539 559 007 E: Celebrate With Love for Valentine’s Day with this delightfully scented candle from Pintail Candles. Featuring hearts and sparkles in soft pinks, the candle is presented in their popular floriental Patchouli & Tibetan Musk fragrance. A scent of sultry tones of ylang ylang, caraway and exotic musk. These candles are made in the traditional way, individually hand poured in the Lake District. And with a burn time of up to 20 hours, they give a lot of love. Pintail Candles was one of the first candlemakers to create an Occasions candle and it is therefore not surprising that its range has always been popular. But since the pandemic, sales have soared with everyone looking to send a little gift to their loved ones. Increasingly they have been featuring in Valentine’s Day gift packs and as a little extra touch to the regular bunch of flowers or box of chocolates. With Love is just one of the candles in the Occasions Candles range, which features 12 titles, including Fab Friend, Happy Birthday and Thank You. The candles are presented in a range of colours matched with a suitable best selling fragrance. Celebrating all of life’s happenings, the Occasions Candle featuring With Love, retails for under £7. 51 WOMEN’S JEWELLERY