Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - November/December 2022

4 In this issue... REGULARS 8 Industry news All the latest from the world of gifts 15 On with the show Trade fair dates and show news 20 Brand spanking new Latest launches and brand-new products 28 Bookstand The latest releases in gift books FEATURES 44 Made with love Handmade gifts are a go-to gift purchase for consumers on the hunt for a personal and heartfelt gift. These options tick all the boxes… 49 Love language Capitalising on the Valentine’s Day is a fail-safe sales strategy. We showcase some of the best romance-related gifts on the market 56 Bargain buys Gifts under £10 act as great in-store pickup items that will entice consumers to make return visits 60 Go green As the world becomes increasingly eco-conscious, sustainable and environmentally-friendly products are a consumer favourite 82 Interiors: Soft Furnishings Interior addicts are drawn to soft furnishings like moths to a flame, and they make great in-store pick-up items to boot. Check out these products to stock… 85 Interiors: Bathroom Self care is on the rise, and the bathroom is now a sanctuary in itself. These products will create a meditation haven in any home… 89 Interiors: Colour Wheel Whether a soft accent blush, or a vivid neon colour pop – pink is an interiors accent colour that never goes out of fashion 28 November/December 2022 20 49 82 85 60