Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - November/December 2022

23 BRAND SPANKING NEW LADELLE Coated in high quality Japanese enamel, Ladelle’s Visto Enamelware Collection is the cookware piece you are missing from your kitchen. Made from durable carbon steel, these pieces allow an even cook every time! Chosen for its versatility, Visto’s Japanese enamel coating helps to prevent sticking and staining which makes cleaning a breeze. The dishes are also safe to go into the dishwasher. These pieces make the ultimate kitchen to table serveware. T: +44 (0)203 514 6626 E: CORINNE LAPIERRE Corinne Lapierre has once again been inspired by the wondrous natural world in the design of her new Beetle Appliqué Hoop Kit. Its shimmering shades and intricate forms caught her attention and imagination. “With a daughter studying entomology, I have discovered the incredible miniature world of insects, beetles in particular, with their marvelous patterns and colours,” says Corinne. This new design will be the 12th in Corinne Lapierre’s increasing range of bestselling Hoop Kits. The company believes these kits are especially popular as they all include a 19cm wooden hoop. There is therefore no need to source one separately and it can be used both as a very useful support while crafting the project and afterwards as a ready-to-hang frame. All kits are packaged in printed craft boxes with a large and very attractive front image which make for an eyecatching and easy display. SKYLOS Combining a passion for sustainability with a love of her canine friends, Ella Peters launches a new luxury range of dog accessories with Skylos Collective. Skylos Collective offers a range of vibrant coloured dog leads, collars and poop bag holders, all produced in ‘apple leather’ (a bio-based material made from the waste of the apple juicing and compote industry in Italy), and manufactured by craftsmen here in the UK. Ella says, “This first collection pulls together my learnings from the ethical fashion industry and applies them to the pet world with products that combine innovative design with function and transparent sustainable practices. “With sustainability at the forefront of many consumers’ minds, I wanted to create a product range for dogs that mirror the values of its owners. “Committed to transparent working practices, our manufacturing is undertaken in Lancashire, and we are really excited to be working with retailers, who like us, believe our canine friends deserve the best.” With Skylos meaning dog in Greek, the company’s first collection (which is now available to purchase wholesale) comes in five vibrant colourways, with leads, different sized collars and poop bag holders available in each colour. Ella adds: “With transparency key to everything we do at Skylos, we are embracing technology that enables our whole value chain to be viewed simply by scanning the QR code found on our tags. Via the QR code you will be able to learn more about our sustainability efforts, the UN’s sustainable development goals we are contributing to; as well as our commitment to donate 2% to the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa.” CLASSIC CANES The latest designs from walking stick specialists Classic Canes feature in-house designs printed on adjustable walking sticks and folding canes. This new collection has been especially designed to suit the requirements of gift shops, garden centres and accessories departments. Very British in flavour, many of the designs feature animals such as hares, hedgehogs and highland cows, birds such as woodpeckers and puffins and even members of the insect world such as dragonflies and bees. These result in very cheerful, upbeat walking sticks that elevate simple mobility aids into fashion accessories. All are easily adjusted in height, making them easy sales as gifts because they can be altered in moments at home to suit the height of the recipient. Managing director Charlotte Gillan says, “These canes have great charm and personality, which, combined with their practicality, means they appeal to anyone who likes to reflect their sense of style in their choice of accessories. The wide range of colours and motifs means they can be teamed with many different outfits and also make a colourful and appealing retail display.”