Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - November/December 2022

130 MINDFUL MARKETING A good, successful marketing campaign can be a real game changer. If you get it right, you can sit back and watch as your brand recognition and reputation soar, not to mention a nice boost in sales! Getting it right is the key though, and I’ve found that it’s not always as simple as it first appears. So, I’ve made a note of a few tips and pieces of advice for planning and launching a marketing campaign. Be laser focused on your end goal. As I mentioned, a successful marketing campaign can bring so many amazing benefits, but you need to make sure your campaign is designed and created with a clear aim. Sit down and set one or two realistic, achievable goals and make sure you keep them in mind so you can bring things back on track if your campaign becomes too broad or muddled. Find your audience. To make sure your campaign reaches the right people, you need to know who they are! Define your ideal customer or client, the person your product or service is designed for. Once you’ve done this, you can create content that’s tailored to grab and keep their attention and interest. Use your voice. Every brand has a tone of voice, the words you choose to use, and the way you use them will appeal to different age groups and interest areas. It’s also a great way to make your business personable, engaging and approachable for current and prospective customers. Create engaging content. It’s worth spending some time creating a cohesive look and feel across photography, copy, video and graphic design to give your campaign a professional and striking look that will catch the eye. If you’re not sure where to start, do a little bit of research and create your own campaign mood board with fonts, colours and inspirational imagery. Have some fun! A great way to encourage customers to engage with your campaign is by creating a one-off competition or offer. After all, no one can turn down the promise of a free treat or exclusive discount! It’s also a fun way to inject a bit of playfulness into your campaign. Spark activity. You’ve got your customers’ attention, now what? You need a call to action! Whether you want people to visit your website, sign up to your newsletter or purchase your new product line - make sure you create a way for customers to do it, quickly and easily. Whether it’s an online link, web address or simple instructions, you don’t want to waste this opportunity! Choose the right channels. Get your message across clearly and via the right channel and the battle is halfway won! Remember, different audiences can be reached via different channels. Whether it’s a magazine advert, targeted email, a leaflet tucked into parcels or a social media video, consider what combination will work best for your demographic. Set a timeline. When do you want your campaign to launch? If you’re using printed materials, when do they need to be ready? If your campaign will run for a few days, a few weeks or even a number of months, you don’t want to use all of your content at once. Plan a regular drumbeat of content to land throughout your campaign, with a narrative that will keep people’s interest. Remember to review. Once your campaign is over, take some time to review the results. Did you meet your goals? What worked brilliantly and what fell a bit flat? This is a fantastic opportunity to take away information to improve your next marketing campaign. Guest blogger from Gist Focus sister title Craft Focus, Sara Davies, discusses how a well-planned marketing campaign can do wonders for your business Sara Davies MBE is founder of Crafter’s Companion.