Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - November/December 2022

122 When did you start the business and why? I started my business because of my daughter’s obsession with twirly dresses – we found it so hard to find them for her! And she refused to wear anything itchy and scratchy, so it was really important to create something really comfortable. Our business TwirlySkirts is a family business. Our mission is to create the loveliest, softest, comfiest, twirliest dresses ever! We’re trying to do this in a sustainable way that is kind to people and to the environment. We started trading in April 2022. What prompted you to launch the business? Twirly Skirts was created by me, Lucy, with the help of my two daughters Darcey and Isabella. Anyone with girls in their family will know from experience that little girls love to twirl. My daughter Darcey was no exception, but we found it so hard to find twirly dresses for her. We shopped all day looking for her fifth birthday outfit and came home empty handed. It didn’t matter how pretty or sparkly, if it didn’t twirl, she wasn’t interested. And so the idea for TwirlySkirts was born. Our research tells us that there is a significant gap in the market for this kind of product and we believe that there is an opportunity to grow this idea into a global brand. What challenges have you overcome since the company’s launch? One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced is looking to find a UK manufacturer, with the ability to produce our garments to the luxury quality that we pride ourselves on. We’re still working on this and hope to trial our shortlisted factories in the new year.