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SMART TOYS AND GAMES ACQUIRES THE HAPPY PUZZLE COMPANY Belgian puzzles and games company Smart Toys and Games has announced the acquisition of the The Happy Puzzle Company. Over the course of nearly three decades the Happy Puzzle Company, a Hertfordshire-based company known for its successful B2C operations in the UK, has reached a customer base of over 400,000 happy puzzlers and a presence in over 14,000 UK schools. In recent years it has also experienced major growth in the B2B market, with international distribution now in over 20 countries. The acquisition by Smart, known for award-winning brands including SmartGames, Happy Cube and SmartMax, will bring The Happy Puzzle Company’s products into Smart’s growing portfolio and will increase distribution through Smart’s extensive worldwide network. Smart’s Global CEO, Rolf Vandoren said, “Many of the great puzzles and games by The Happy Puzzle Company will be going through our talented product development and marketing teams and making their way too many more families of puzzle fans under the Smart Games brand’s wide international presence. We are really looking forward to working with Gavin and his team.” Gavin Ucko, CEO of The Happy Puzzle Company, will remain as CEO in the UK together with the entire Happy Puzzle’s team, operating from its existing Elstree base. Gavin said, “Smart and Happy Puzzle have already been working together for more than 20 years and the synergies between the two companies are clear. It’s incredibly exciting and the whole of the Happy Puzzle family is both proud and excited to be joining the SMART group of companies and teams.” TRIMCO GROUP UK SUPPORTS CREW CLOTHING COMPANY WITH RECYCLED POLYBAGS ACROSS ITS SUPPLY CHAIN Crew Clothing Company has used Trimco Group UK to manage and implement the use of 100 percent recycled polybags across its extensive global supply chain. As part of the brand’s sustainability journey, Crew Clothing Company wanted to source a more circular solution to its regular polybags. Furthermore, with the UK Plastic Packaging Tax that came into force in April, the British clothing retailer was keen to implement the change quickly. Even though the new legislation provides that the tax applies to packaging with less than 30% recycled plastic, Trimco Group’s team advised the use of 100% recycled polybags, which is not only in line with the clothing retailer’s sustainability vision, but also provides them with a future-proof solution. Less than three months after starting the project, the new 100% certified recycled plastic polybags were ready and available to calloff from all sites. Additionally, Trimco Group and Crew Clothing’s discussions and partnership plans for a wider sustainability drive include underpinning sustainability claims with ethical certification, as well as supplier track and trace data. Sara Kwok, Managing Director at Trimco Group UK, said, “Being able to fully support our clients in their sustainable journeys is one of the most important things to us. Thanks to our experienced global team, we were also able to drive the project forward quickly without compromising the quality of service or product, which is what our customers have come to expect from us.” 12