Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - July/August 2022

BEST KEPT SECRETS There is a reason Best Kept Secrets Coastal Breeze candle is one of its top selling tins. Inspired by the beautiful Northumbrian coastline, this shell, scattered candle is full of childhood memories. Lighting it takes you back to sitting on a rock, on a sunny day contemplating life, enjoying the serenity of the wide-open space. But what really brings this memory to life is the familiar scents, fresh sea-salt air with hints of ginger, clove, and patchouli. Together they create a wonderful sense of belonging, happiness, and peace. This candle looks stunning in any home. T: +44 (0)1670 512 222 E: JARAPA Home interiors don’t need to ‘cost the Earth,’ says Jarapa. “With consumers thinking more about the impact their spending makes on the planet, there has never been a better time to stock recycled, natural and eco-products. We have a broad range of home interiors from recycled glass candlesticks and vases to recycled glass lamps of all shapes and sizes. All our handmade lamps have been awarded the Made in Britain mark and all lampshades are handmade in Dorset. Jarapa is a small, family company and we pride ourselves on friendly, individual customer service, and strive to make all parts of our supply chain as eco-friendly as possible.” T: +44 (0)1963 33660 E: 51 HOME ACCESSORIES