Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - July/August 2022

CLASSIC CANES Walking stick specialists Classic Canes has a stick for every occasion and this includes Halloween. Folding walking canes printed with skulls and bats are perfect for the season but sell all year round, whilst formal canes with skull head handles make popular collectors’ canes at a range of price points. Managing director Charlotte Gillan explains, “Many stick users today enjoy making a style statement with their choice of cane. Skulls and bats are alternative, edgy motifs that can be great conversation-starters and a fun way to express the user’s personality. The folding ones are height-adjustable and make excellent presents, whilst the more formal ones are great for injecting some sartorial splendour to any outfit.” T: +44 (0)1460 75686 E: EXACLAIR ExaClair Limited, the UK distributor for Décopatch, offers a complete kit to make a scary bat decoration for Halloween. The complete kit contains one ready to decorate bat papier mâché shape, two sheets of Décopatch paper, one glue pot and a brush. Perfect for kids and adults alike, this kit makes a great introduction to the world of Décopatch! The Décopatch technique is simple and fun – tear or cut the paper into small pieces, apply glue to the shape, place the paper on the glued surface and add a coat of glue then repeat this process until the item is totally covered. Simple and original, the bat mini kit is an ideal activity for children and parents. They offer an imaginative and enjoyable way for the family to spend time together creating their own unique and scary Halloween decorations. In addition to the bat there are a dozen different less scary mini kits to choose from, including a unicorn, dinosaur, elephant, reindeer and dachshund to name a few! All mini kits are set at a low minimum order quantity of just five units per design and they benefit from an attractive price point that makes them an ideal gifting item. In addition to a number of in-store merchandising options, such as our popular ‘Bunny’ FSDU, we can also provide retailers with a variety of online marketing collateral to support sales, as well as offering demonstration solutions for events and open days. T: +44 (0)1553 696 600 E: 43 HALLOWEEN 