Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - July/August 2022

31 BRAND SPANKING NEW BEST KEPT SECRETS Best Kept Secrets has redesigned its ever popular Just Because range. The company says, “When we first launched this range five years ago the demand for these occasion candles blew us away. There was clearly a real hole to be filled in the scented candle market. There is a phrase or saying that can celebrate friends, family and special occasions. The excitement does not stop there, there is Tea Lights Threes to match! In the same vein as our existing Tea Light boxes, we have brought this innovative gift right up to date with a gloriously, colourful design. They simply are the most perfect gift. “You can now have our clever little boxes with the following sayings: Happy Birthday, Thank You, Lovely Mum, New Home, Special Friend and Congratulations. There is no need to buy an additional card with these as they also have wonderful verse on each box that totally captures what you want to say to the recipient. “Our existing Three Lights range have been brought right up to date with a fabulous new makeover. Fans of these cute, sliding little boxes will love their new look. They now come in six fragranced sets, Daydream, Blooming Lovely, Happy Hour, Sparkling You, Coastal Shores and Festive. “These are sure to be a real hit with your customers, the superb designer looks of these, matches the outstanding quality of fragrance you know you can expect from Best Kept Secrets. “Both are a fabulous addition to our ever-expanding range of products. As our customers know, colour, sparkles and incredible fragrances is what we do best at Best Kept Secrets.” T: +44 (0)1670 512 222 E: BAKED IN Online baking experts BakedIn is strengthening its foothold in the baking kit category with the launch of its new Bottled Cookie Mixes. The bottles offer home-bakers the full American-style cookie experience with three new flavours to delight the brand’s rapidly growing customer base. Recognised for its innovative approach as a challenger brand, the new cookie mixes see Baked In extend beyond its traditional boxed baking kit format, with the new mixes packaged in a reusable and 100% recyclable glass bottle. The Bottled Cookie Mixes are available in three flavours: Oatmeal & Raisin Cookie, Triple Chocolate Cookie and Milk Chocolate Cookie and will make 16 deliciously rich, chewy cookies, with all the flavour and premium ingredients Baked In fans associate with the brand. Home-bakers can choose from the 1 litre bottle for 16 cookies with an RRP of £11.99 or a 500ml mix option for a batch of 8 at £6.99. In line with Baked In’s waste-free baking ethos, the bottles include all the dry ingredients home-bakers will need to get their bake on. Baked In founder and CEO, Joe Munns, comments, “Across our community and beyond, we’re finding that customers are more discerning than ever about the products they buy. As a brand this means ensuring our NPD delivers on great, responsible ingredients, premium design, green packaging as well as social sharing appeal. The new Bottled Cookie Mixes were a way to bring all these elements into a single product, that works across our key channels of retail, online and gifting. We’re excited to get these out into the world.” HEAVEN SPRING The new Sphere Salt Lamp with Wooden Stand by Heaven Spring is uniquely hand crafted by expert craftsmen. It is the perfect addition for any room or space in the house, work area or spa-like environments. This lamp brings to light any surrounding area, making it perfect for night-time reading, working or relaxing, or is a wonderful and one of a kind addition to any decor. Himalayan Salt is mined from centuries old Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan, and are claimed to have multiple health benefits such as: aiding in headache symptoms, helping asthma symptoms, purifying the air, helps create better and improved sleep, and so much more! This salt lamp is environmentally friendly as it lasts a long time if taken care of correctly. The Sphere Salt Lamp with Wooden Stand brings a minimalist design, as well as health benefits, and brings a minimalist design with an alluring presence. It is the perfect lamp to relax with in the evening, and creates a warming environment to create a calm atmosphere. T: +44 (0)1613 270 485 E: EARTH SQUARED Fair trade brand Earth Squared’s new AW22 collections are packed with new designs and styles. In stock and available for immediate delivery, choose from oilcloths, tweeds, velvets, scarves and more – all offering easy merchandising and great value for money. Visit Earth Squared at Home & Gift and Autumn Fair, or order online at www. or email for the new brochure.