Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - July/August 2022

CORINNE LAPIERRE RAMPS UP PRESENCE IN AUSTRALIA After over a year of rapid expansion across the US market, from Hawaii to Alaska, Yorkshire-based Corinne Lapierre is ramping up its presence in Australia and Tasmania. Business Manager Olivia Neligan says, “We know we have many very happy online customers in Australasia so we’re thrilled that they may now also be able to find our kits in their local independents.” The company has established that there is a strong global demand for superb quality and design-led craft products and the Made in Britain label is a further boost to the reputation and appeal of the brand in foreign markets. According to the company, “The sheer delight with which stockists unpack their Corinne Lapierre shipments on social media, and the high repeat order rate, are the clearest indicators that Corinne Lapierre’s distinctive designs and signature folk printed packaging will continue to charm new markets and customers.” VICTORIA EGGS SEES INCREASE IN DEMAND FOR ‘MADE IN BRITAIN’ Victoria Eggs has found that retailers and consumers already have an increasingly strong appetite for products that are made in Britain, with many retailers now including UK-made products as part of their buying strategies. This thirst for UK-made products only seems to be increasing and the success of Victoria’s recent Platinum Jubilee collection was enhanced by the UK made nature of her products. In a recent survey by ‘Made in Britain’ which polled 2,000 consumers about their buying habits, 90% of Brits believe it is important to buy British-made products. The UK has a strong heritage of design and manufacturing and with every British made purchase you are investing in skilled craftsmanship whilst helping to secure the future for British manufacturers. The act of buying British goods is also great news for the UK economy. Victoria’s Platinum Jubilee collection has been hugely successful, being stocked in hundreds of stores across the UK and around the world including Harrods, Whole Foods and Next all of which proudly feature details about how they are handmade in the UK, further enhancing the Made in Britain brand. INDUSTRY NEWS 11