Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - July/August 2022

105 INTERVIEW Calendars on their blog if you’re not sure where to start. Targeted market We all have our favourite magazines, radio shows and TV programmes, and when you’re a brand owner or PR pro, it’s easy to become hyper-focused on seeing your products featured within them. However, whilst it’s important to be targeted in your efforts, it’s also crucial not to get tunnel vision. In today’s digital world, online articles and backlinks can be incredibly effective in boosting SEO, optimising your conversion rates and, of course, increasing customer recognition of your brand – so don’t discount the value of online publications, blogs, industry-specific sites, and influencers within your strategy. Picture perfect You can have the best brand stories going, but they won’t be covered by the press unless you have a captivating image to sit alongside it. When planning photoshoots, consult your PR calendar to ensure you’ll have your imagery in time to pitch your products for inclusions in features. Don’t forget that, whilst they look great on a social media feed or website, you need more than just lifestyle or model-led shots as 60% of press features will use cut out images. Be sure you have high resolution (minimum 300dpi) cut outs of each product from multiple angles in your library too. Cut outs, sometimes known as deep etch images, are the most useful to press, as their lack of background and stylistic accessories means they can be manipulated to fit layouts and gift guides with ease. If you want some additional guidance on product imagery, visit the Press Loft blog, where we break down each style in full detail. Seeing results PR is a high-reward, but sometimes resource-heavy endeavour. Luckily, we live in a time where core elements can be automated to ensure valuable time can instead be committed to tailored pitching and strategic targeting. I created Press Loft, which is a platform that automates PR, for this exact reason. Brands simply upload product imagery and the media can search and download them 24/7, which means journalists never miss deadlines and brands can sit back and watch their coverage come in without having to do any media outreach. There are plenty of areas within PR that can be automated or outsourced, such as clipping, list building, social media scheduling and reporting – so don’t feel like you need to do it all yourself. Brands can access a free 30-day trial of Press Loft to see how automated PR could work for them. For more information, please visit BUSIN SS