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27 BOOK REVIEWS Bookstand The latest releases in gift books THOSE WHO RETURN By Kassandra Montag RRP: £14.99 Format: Hardback Amid the desolate wilderness of the Great Plains of Nebraska, a region so isolated you could drive for hours without seeing another human being, sits Hatchery House. Having served as a church, an asylum and an orphanage, Hatchery is now a treatment facility for orphaned or abandoned children with psychiatric disorders. Haunted by patients past and present, only the most vulnerable find a home within its walls. Dr. Lorelei ‘Lore’ Webber, a former FBI psychiatrist, has almost grown used to the unorthodox methods used at Hatchery House. But when one of her patients is murdered, Lore finds herself dragged into the centre of an investigation that unearths startling truths, shocking discoveries, and untold cruelty. And as the investigation unravels, Lore is forced to confront the past she’s spent her whole life running from – a secret that threatens to undo her entirely. THE LITTLE BOOK OF WORLD MYTHOLOGY By Hannah Bowstead RRP: £6.99 Format: Paperback IBSN: 9781800071766 Throughout history, mythologies have been fundamental to societies and cultures across the world. They are the collected stories of a people – the fascinating folk tales and the epic legends that shape the history and the beliefs of whole civilizations. This pocket guide offers readers an engaging and accessible introduction to the major world mythologies, exploring their origins, foundational stories and key mythological figures. Learn how the Greeks won the ten-year Trojan war, how the Norse god Thor got his mighty hammer, and why the Aztecs made a daily human sacrifice to the sun god, Huitzilopochtli. If you’re looking to enrich and expand on your understanding of world history, religion and culture, then this book is an ideal starting point to fill your mind with stories of wisdom and wonder. Discover the captivating stories behind the following mythologies: Aboriginal, Aztec, Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Incan, Japanese, Māori, Mayan, Mesopotamian, Norse, Roman. SUCH A SWEET SINGING RRP: £12.99 Format: Hardback IBSN: 9781849947152 A beautiful collection of poems to nourish, inspire and change the people who read them. Here is poetry for those no longer being spoken to but speaking, no longer being looked at but looking, from the contemporary voices of Fiona Benson and Jane Yeh to the evocative imagery of Christina Rossetti, Anna Akhmatova and Emily Dickinson. Even the haunting voices of Sappho, Venmaniputti and Li Qingzhao sing out to us from across the centuries. These poems span the worlds of desire and care, responsibility and work, family and friends. Their words empower us with strength and courage, fill us with verve and spirit, and inspire creativity and imagination. Here are poems written by women, with women’s lives in mind. As Gertrude Stein writes, ‘such a sweet singing’ is in the poetry that comes to us clear and lovely from out of the dark. Read these poems aloud. Remember them. Share them. THE WAY OF NAGOMI: THE JAPANESE SECRET TO A HARMONIOUS LIFE By Ken Mogi RRP: £12.99 Format: Hardback IBSN: 9781529416268 NAGOMI is the Japanese ideology that advocates embracing everything life throws at us so we can live peacefully and harmoniously – as explained by the global bestselling author who brings you ikigai. 