Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - March/April 2022

19 BRAND SPANKING NEW Brand spanking new Check out some new and exciting products in the current market EXACLAIR ExaClair Limited, the UK distributor for Clairefontaine, has announced its new collaboration with the renowned German graffiti art brand Molotow by releasing a selection of six fine art competence sets. The sets contain specially chosen essentials from both of the brands to highlight watercolour or acrylic techniques. Each set combines a variety of products, such as Molotow One4all marker pens or Aqua Colour brushes with carefully selected Clairefontaine Fine Art papers that perfectly complement these artistic instruments. All of the items are contained in either a handy portfolio or gift box that can be both personalised and easily stored. There are three acrylic sets that pair up a selection of the highly opaque and UV-resistant Molotow One4all marker pens, alongside pads from the bestselling Clairefontaine PaintON, Etival and Acrylique ranges. Similarly, the three watercolour sets feature a variety of the brightly coloured and quick-drying Molotow™ AQUA COLOR brush markers and blackliner pen, which are presented in conjunction with pads from the popular Clairefontaine Goldline Aquapad, PaintON and Crok’Book collections. Lawrence Savage, Marketing Manager at ExaClair Limited, says, “These sets contain everything needed to create stunning artwork for beginners and experienced artists alike. Comprising the best of both European brands these sets combine Clairefontaine papers with Molotow™ pens for perfect results.” ExaClair Limited is also the UK distributor for Décopatch and has launched three new kits to complement its popular mini kits range, containing everything required for a new Décopatch project all in one convenient box. These new mini kits featuring a teddy bear, dragon and turtle are perfect for kids and adults alike and make a great introduction to the world of Décopatch! Each kit contains one ready to decorate papier mâché shape, two sheets of Décopatch paper, one glue pot and a brush. There are a dozen different mini kits to choose from, including a unicorn, dinosaur, elephant and dachshund to name a few! Also for 2022, the mini kits packaging design has been refreshed, with the box colour in harmony with the picture of the finished item, making the kits aesthetically pleasing to inspire crafters. To make the packaging eco-friendly the plastic film ‘window’ has been removed. All mini kits are set at a low minimum order quantity of just five units per design and they benefit from an attractive price point that makes them an ideal gifting item. Lawrence Savage, Marketing Manager at ExaClair, says the mini kits are a great way to get creative and have fun: “Simple and original, these mini kits are an ideal activity for children and parents. They offer an imaginative and enjoyable way for the family to spend time together. In addition to a number of in-store merchandising options, such as our popular ‘Bunny’ FSDU, we can also provide retailers with a variety of online marketing collateral to support sales, as well as offering demonstration solutions for events and open days.” T: +44 (0)1553 696 600 E: WHOLESALE GIFTS TOMORROW Wooden Bark Bird nesting House SRP £15.99 Attract wild birds to your garden with this bird box made from barked wood that looks great in natural or modern surroundings. The 30mm hole and the size of the box are suitable for a variety of small birds to nest inside and roost in the winter. In rural areas, there is a huge shortage of safe natural nesting places for birds. Having a birdhouse/nesting box is a great way to attract different species of birds to your garden. Vintage Style Milk Bottle Holder/Carrier: SRP £24.99 - £27.99 This vintage inspired milk bottle holder sits neatly beside your front door for that early morning or late-night delivery. Made from rust-resistant, powder-coated steel which is durable for the outdoors and easy to wipe over. The milk carrier has a ball foot and a sturdy frame that securely holds and stores up to 6 glass pint milk bottles. 4 bottle version is also available. T: +44 (0)1446 731 246 E: TILNAR ART Spring is starting to appear and to celebrate new beginnings Tilnar Art has launched exciting new collections of products including a brilliantly bright AluminArk Bird Collection and an animaltastic AluminArk Collection, which comprises of beautiful Garden Birds, Elephants, Giraffes, Highland Cows, Sheep and Stag sculptures. Each are made from recycled aluminium in the stunning Azeti Colours. Tilnar has also enhanced these collections by making them poptastic Plant and Pot Stakes. Tilnar has also added items to the ever popular Azeti Collections, including a whole new Brushed Silver range, which is proving a hit with customers already and new heart dishes and salad servers. As ever all Tilnar’s Collections are Fairtrade and handmade recycled and recyclable making the perfect eco-friendly gift. T: +44 (0)1277 297 259 E: 