Gift Focus inc Attire Accessories - March/April 2022

Hot Water Bottles Microwaveable Wheat Bags PADi Pillows Proudly Made in The UK A range of products includingMicrowavable Wheat Bags, PADi Pillow Tablet Stands, Door Stops , Hot Water Bottles, Roller Towels andGlasses Cases all handcrafted in the UK. Choose from a range of over 50 fabrics including our own exclusive designs and luxury velvet's. Microwaveable Wheat Bags Our handmade wheat bags are perfect for when you're feeling cold, stressed or suffering from tense muscles and aches. Each wheat bag is filled with cleaned English wheat and comes either unscented or with English lavender buds. A natural product that helps to promote general wellbeing and relaxation. Bespoke Display Stands Available. Tc’s and C’s Apply Glasses Cases E: T: 01747 840499 2 Litre and Extra Long Hot Water Bottles available in a variety of designs. A stable, lightweight, hands free tablet stand. Perfect for holding and supporting any mobile device. Suitable for iPads, Kindles, phones and all other portable devices including books. Door Stops