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24 Designed to last Nigel Morrison, consumer & trade marketing manager at Melitta UK, talks to Louise Prance about the company’s journey Tell me a bit about how the brand was started Steeped in history, Melitta ® is part of the family-owned Melitta ® Group, which has been providing coffee enjoyment in the home for over a century. Melitta ® launched in the UK in 2018 with an array of premium coffee products including: bean to cup machines, pour-over manual coffee brewers, coffee filters and accessories. The Melitta ® brand stands for a skilful combination of tradition and modernity aimed at providing special coffee enjoyment in tune with the times. For over a century the Melitta group of companies has repeatedly revolutionised the preparation of the popular hot drink: from the invention of the paper filter in 1908, the first ground and vacuum-packed coffee in 1962 and the launch of the first electric filter coffee maker in the German market in 1965 to the patented AromaPor ® paper. What is it that sets you apart from your competitors? In addition to providing assurances of quality and functionality, Melitta is very much about great statement design that looks elegant and contemporary. Take for example Melitta’s premium range of bean to cup coffee machines, which have the prestigious Quiet Mark Award in recognition of being among the quietest products on the market. Customer feedback tells us that having products that are as ‘quiet as a whisper’ makes such as difference to the overall product experience.  One of the key factors driving sales performance (and sets us apart from our competitors) is Melitta’s offering of high- quality, high functioning coffee products, which provide great value for money. How important is the history of the company to its success? Melitta is a German brand known for its high quality, innovative design and long durability. With 112 years in the business, they know a thing or two about what it takes to create premium coffee products. What’s more, consumers love brands with provenance and a compelling story to tell. Do you engage in social media and how does this help your business? We do indeed. Melitta has a very active social media presence across Instagram (melitta_uk) and Facebook (@MelittaUK) enabling us to post both product and lifestyle news. How has the product offering changed since you started and how