Gift Focus - Jan/Feb 2020 (Issue 117)

44 Mini Change Boxes make it easier to save for the little things in life – such as that morning cup of coffee – or even Botox injections! Splosh has a box for each – as well as a Don’t Swear Fund option for those who turn the air blue! The diverse Splosh range from Xystos also includes Travel Maps for those who are bitten by the travel bug and want to ‘pin’ where they’ve been and want to go, and mushroom ornaments bearing sentimental messages. T: +44 (0)191 499 1570 This versatile towel makes a sensible choice compared to a traditional cotton type towel, which is heavy and takes up too much space for travelling. It’s perfect for use at the gym, fitness studios, swimming pools, sports, travelling, camping, hiking or on the beach. The Snug-Rug® quick-dry microfibre towel is highly absorbent, anti-bacterial, fast drying, lightweight, easy clean and sand proof. It’s available in eight colours: jester red, eclipse blue, salmon rose pink, dapple grey, sea fog mauve, crystal sea blue, beach sand beige, and beach glass turquoise. The Snug Rug® brand is owned by CKB Ltd T/A Gifts Tomorrow and has been going strong for more than 10 years. T: +44 (0)1446 731 246 Pyramid continues to see growth for its popular novelty ranges. The company’s lines of UK-produced inner-coloured mugs have proven popular with retailers and are a great way to add an extra special touch to an everyday item. In stationery, the focus has remained on the addition of sequin flip. The trend was huge throughout 2019, with Pyramid introducing its first sequin flip notebook for Harry Potter in Q1 2019 and one for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker at the end of the year. Looking to apply the concept to more categories, retailers can expect a beautifully coloured and vibrant flip pencil case for Trolls World Tour in the early part of 2020. As well as these, there are also staples in the Pyramid novelty ranges, such as multi-coloured spin top pens, shaped mugs, heat-change mugs, fluffy notebooks, VHS-inspired notebooks and more, across its library of licenses. To discover more products and licenses in Pyramid’s portfolio, visit the website. T: +44 (0)1162 843 640 It’s always exciting to see what Mad Beauty will come up with next, and the products never fail to surprise. Following on from the huge success of its Disney-inspired Sheet Face Masks, Mad has launched the Star Wars r ange, individual masks and a three-pack collection. Shortlisted in the Brand category for Gift of the Year 2020, the range includes Darth Vader (infused with Black Tea), Chewbacca (Coconut), Yoda (Cedarwood & Lime) and C3PO (Amber & Ginseng). The Star Wars masks will be displayed at Spring Fair alongside many other Mad Beauty creations for an inspiring selection of all-year-round gifting opportunities. T: +44 (0)20 8958 0555