Gift Focus - Jan/Feb 2020 (Issue 117)

INTELEX GROUP Stand: 5F40-G41 Celebrating 25 years of business, Warmies ® , the innovators behind the fully-microwavable soft toys, is delighted to showcase its best-selling Warmies ® range at the upcoming Spring Fair. All are gently scented with French lavender and can be warmed in the microwave for just 90 seconds. Warmies ® has added 20 new exciting characters to the best-selling, heatable soft toy collection. The range will feature an orangutan, a koala and a leopard, along with many other playmates. These loveable new Warmies ® take the plush collection to a whopping 48 characters. Furthermore, the company will also be showcasing its best-selling Warmies ® long hot water bottles. This year the collection will be expanding with three new gorgeous fleece bottles being showcased at the upcoming show. Simply add hot water for an all-over warmth, perfect for cold winter evenings. In addition, the Warmies ® Warm Hugs, were so hugely popular last year that there will be six new duos to the adorable cuddling products. The sweet Hugging range is a popular addition to the company’s Warmies ® . The collection is expanding to 12 detachable characters to provide double the fun. Each design brings twice as much joy and warmth to your little ones. T : +44(0)1736 335840 E: sales@seagems © All designs protected by Sea Gems Copyright & Design Right. S E A G E M S . CO . U K S P R I N G F A I R N E C 2 n d - 6 t h F e b r u a r y H A L L 1 S T A N D F 3 2 - G 3 3