Gift Focus - Jan/Feb 2020 (Issue 117)

121 SPRING FAIR PREVIEW TILNAR ART Stand: 3G50 Tilnar Art has always been ahead of the curve as all of the collections are handmade, Fair Trade and recycled, which is a fabulous alternative to plastic items Tilnar Art will be taking its award-winning Meg Hawkins Collection to Spring Fair which combines its signature range of recycled food safe aluminium bowls, coasters and dishes with Meg Hawkins stunning wildlife paintings. They’re Fair Trade and hand-made by Indian artisans working in cooperatives. Each product is not only recycled but is completely recyclable and comes in a superb plastic-free presentation box making a perfect eco-friendly gift. Tilnar Art’s popular tactile handmade soapstone collection will also be shown at Spring Fair and has always had less than one per cent environmental impact, in terms of production and disposal, compared to equivalent plastic or resin-based products. Tilnar Art is proud to say that this product contains zero plastic. Kiisi Stone is soft and varies in colour from white to rose and even grey and has been carved in Kiisi for more than 60 years. Carvers work in small groups with each group specialising in certain carvings. The carvings are then polished and dyed in vibrant colours and beautiful etchings inscribed in them by skilled teams of artisans. JEWELCITY Stand: 1K11 Welcome to Fable’s 1950’s bank holiday collection of delicate jewellery, on-trend handbags and soft-touch scarves. Imagine choosing your favourite ice-cream from the harbour and heading down to the shore, strolling past brightly coloured beach huts and striped parasols. Taking in the distant sounds of waves lapping and children’s laughter. Or a peaceful meadow with a picnic laid, bees hovering, and the scent of freshly picked strawberries and wildflower adorns the air. The sun is shining, and everyone’s smiling. That’s everything this new line encompasses.