Gift Focus - Jan/Feb 2020 (Issue 117)

106 AGNES + CAT Stand: 3T24 Fairy Dust is Agnes + Cat’s newest invention. Like the company’s bath fizzer, the fairy dust powder will add fragrance and fizz to your bath. There’s a little cocoa butter in the mix to gently soften the skin as well as leaving it smelling divine. They will look great on display too and catch the attention of your customers. They come in a glass Kilner jar which is reusable once emptied, and also with a wooden scoop for both presentation and to spoon out the powder into your bath. Each jar contains 500g of fairy dust. Simply add two to four scoops to a hot bath and enjoy. Each jar should be enough for four to five baths. The product is also proudly plastic-free. MADEBYZEN® Stand: 4A10-B11 madebyzen believes that our senses are the gateway to our souls and that the wellbeing of our minds and bodies are affected by our surroundings. Experience Zen using scent, light, mist and sound with the company’s stunning collection of ultrasonic aroma diffusers. Timeless, elegant, cutting edge and design- led, the diffusers incorporate high quality materials including handmade ceramic, bamboo and glass. Madebyzen is passionate about improving wellbeing with the use of its products, as scent can transform our moods and our state of mind. Create a haven of calm and serenity at any time with madebyzen. The company invites you to experience A Journey for the Senses and witness some of its exciting new launches at the show. There’s Glo Aroma Diffuser with Himalayan Salts for ultimate relaxation; the Olly Aroma Diffuser with built in Bluetooth speaker, making it an ideal sleep aid; and the Kasumi Aroma Diffuser with a mesmerising mist and light show.